No nuclear waste site for Cumbria

Cumbria County Council have decided that west Cumbria will not host a site for high level nuclear waste.

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Full Report: No nuclear waste site for Cumbria

A day after Cumbria County councillors voted to stop the search for an underground nuclear waste store in the county there are claims that it could still be built.

At the moment 70 per cent of Britain's nuclear waste is stored above ground at Sellafield.

The trade unions there and some local politicians are looking at ways of re-starting the process.

Watch the full report from Tim Backshall below.

Allerdale vote YES to look for nuclear waste site

Allerdale Borough Council have voted yes to look for a nuclear waste disposal site in west Cumbria.

The voting carried a 5-2 majority.

"It was right for us to undertake our own debate on this issue.

"I personally think that Cumbria County Council have got it wrong. We will enter into a conversation with Government to see if there is any way we can still go forward."

– Alan Smith, Leader, Allerdale Borough Council


Public reaction to nuclear debate decision

There have been mixed reviews over Cumbria County Council's decision to rule out west Cumbria as a nuclear waste disposal site.

ITV Border viewers have been expressing their views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Below are some of their views:

Annette Gibbons:

"Delighted, so many people have worked hard to get this decision. Well Done! common sense has prevailed"

Derek Green:

"We only need Carlisle City Council to refuse development of Carlisle Airport and this county is stuffed"

Judith Andersen:

"This is a very sad day for the future of west Cumbria"

Susan Robson:

"I think we are too small a country to have a nuclear waste site, should be in places like the unpopulated extremes of Russia"

Nic Symons:

"Great news"


Allerdale Borough Council meeting underway

The Allerdale Borough Council meeting at the Wave Centre in Maryport is now underway.

Councillors from the executive are listening to, and answering questions from, members of the public ahead of their decision.

Legally, they had to hold this meeting, despite knowing that the Cumbria County Council decision means west Cumbria will not look for a site to bury highly radioactive nuclear waste.

Cumbria County Council will not be looking for a waste site

West Cumbria will not host a site for high level nuclear waste.

Cumbria County Council cabinet members decided they did not want to move forward with the process.

At the Copeland Borough Council meeting the executive voted in favour 6-1, but the county council decision has ruled out west Cumbria completely.

"We are extremely disappointed by the Cumbria County Council's decision and will look at their reasoning before seeing if there's anything we can do. "

– Copeland Borough Council leader Elaine Woodburn
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