Better Together Campaign

John Lamont MSP and David Mundell MP are giving out leaflets around Newtown St Boswells to spread the anti independence message for the Better Together campaign.

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Independence campaigns begin is southern Scotland

David Mundell MP, has been speaking to residents in St Boswells today about the Better Together campaign.

"It is very important that we have a positive campaign about Scotland staying in Britain.

"It isn't just about saying that independence wouldn't be best for Scotland, it is about setting out our positive vision for Scotland continuing to be part of the family nations in Britain, we are finding that is very well received on the doorstep, but people's big question is what would independence mean for me, and they just don't know."

– David Mundell MP, Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, Scottish Conservatives

Maggie Stanfield is an Ambassador for the Yes campaign and she says people do need to be more award of both arguments.

"We have lots of campaign events planned. Every weekend we will have a Yes campaign stall in one of the Borders towns.

"We get mixed receptions of course and we enjoy that, we want to explain to people why we think Scotland will be better off independent."

– Maggie Stanfield, Ambassador, Yes campaign


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