New Peebles bridge planned

The Scottish Borders Council say a new road bridge for Peebles is essential for the town's future.

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Peebles bridge "will destroy home"

Andrew Stark fears his home will be under the new road Credit: ITV News

A Peebles resident says one of the proposed locations for the second road bridge will disrupt his home, and mean his neighbours house will have to be demolished.

One of the favoured options between the A72 and Cavalry Park cuts past Andrew Starks front door.

He said: "To get onto the main road, the first thing is, it is going to be above our house, it will probably destroy a neighbouring house there to get the road in, so all in all it seems someone has just drawn a line, and just wants to get onto the main road."

Peebles bridge proposals divides community

Local residents look at bridge location plans Credit: ITV News

Residents in Peebles are divided on plans for a second road bridge in Peebles.

Scottish Borders Council are asking the public to consider three options for the location of the bridge.

All of the options join the A72 to Cavalry Industrial Park.

Planned routes for the new road bridge in Peebles Credit: Scottish Border Council

Business people at the industrial park say there are a number of problems with each of the options.

One of the main issues is that the road will pass close to a nursery school on the park.

Gillian Graham, a local business woman, said: "My concern is the 3 bridges proposed run right past the nursery which is here and, or, opposite the primary school, and ideally I would like to see traffic diverted away from the area".


Peebles "will be held back" without new bridge

Not building a second road bridge in Peebles will be hold back any future development in the town, according to the Scottish Borders Council.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, who is in charge of roads and infrastructure, said:

"Peebles will stagnate if we don't build another bridge, it will mean that any future development will be held back by the requirement for a bridge, so whilst I have sympathy with the people that object to the bridge, it is a need, it is there, the demand is there so we are trying to satisfy the demand in the best way possible."

– Councillor Gordon Edgar, Scottish Border Council

Peebles road bridge "is needed"

Scottish Borders Council say a second road bridge for Peebles is essential for the town's future prosperity.

The local authority say the the town's only road bridge will be at full capacity by 2020.

Councillors warn that future development will be "held back" if a new bridge isn't built.

Councillor Gordon Edgar at the Tweed Bridge in Peebles Credit: ITV News

Councillor Gordon Edgar, who is in charge of roads and infrastructure, said any future development of Peebles will be held back without the bridge.

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