Carlisle City Council wish us a 'green' Christmas

Carlisle City Council are encouraging people around the city to have a 'green' Christmas this year.

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Top tips for saving on food waste

Carlisle City Council are encouraging everyone to remember to recycle this Christmas.

This time of year sees more waste produced than any other time of the year, with food waste playing a major part.

The council say we could save up to £50 buy storing and preserving food properly instead of throwing it out.

  • If you're not using food straight away put it in the freezer
  • Make sure you only make as much food as you actually need - but if you make double put some in the freezer for a quick fix dinner later
  • Use your left overs - turn them into tasty treats the next day
  • Plan your meals for the week, make a list of the ingredients you'll need and stick to it
  • Double check your cupboards so you don't but anything twice.
  • Check best before dates and eat things before they go out of date
  • Keep your fridge at the correct temperature

To find more ways to save money on food visit the Love Food Hate Waste website and for more recycling tips visit the Resource Cumbria website.


Shoppers told how to save money on food bills

Supermarket shoppers are being shown how to save £50 a month on food bills Credit: ITV News

Shoppers at a Carlisle supermarket are being given advice on how to save money on their food bills.

People at the Sainsbury's store in Caldewgate have been told how they can save as much as £50 a month on food.

It's part of Carlisle City Council's scheme to encourage more people to have a 'green' Christmas.

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