More than 500 take part in the Big Chill Swim

More than 500 people braved the freezing temperatures today to take a dip in Windermere. The aptly named Big Chill Swim was held for only the second time, but organisers hope to make it a key feature in the open swimming calendar.

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Big Chill swim massive success

Organisers of this years Big Chill swim, which took place in Windermere on Saturday, say it was a massive success.

Five hundred and eighty people aged between sixteen and seventy took part, that's more than double last year's turn out.

Swimmers from across the world made their way to the Low Wood Bay Marina and braved the minus five water temperature to take part.

Organisers Chillswim are hailing it as a massive success, with spectators standing in the rain for 7 hours to cheer on the competitors.

“The weather over the weekend was challenging to say the least and we’d like to thank both spectators and participants for their support.”

– Colin Hill, Big Chill swim organiser


Big Chill Swim in Windermere

More than 500 took part in the Big Chill Swim Credit: ITV Border

The Big Chill Swim at Low Wood Bay Marina on Windermere is now in its second year.

It's grown from around 200 participants last year to 570 who took to the water today.

Wet suits are not allowed so the swimmers have to brave temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius with just swim suits and trunks.

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