ITV Border's at the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Our sports reporter Ryan Dollard is in Russia for the Winter Olympics and will be following our hopefuls.

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Olympic return to a heroes' welcome

Team GB's curlers arrive back in the UK today Credit: PA

Our Olympic medal winning curlers are due back in the region today after their success in Sochi.

Anna Sloane and Claire Hamilton from Lockerbie and Vicki Adams from Stranraer won bronze in the women's event. Lockerbie's David Murdoch took the silver in the men's.

After flying into Heathrow last night, the athletes are expected to arrive at Edinburgh airport around 5.30 this evening



Gracious handshakes signal Team GB silver medal

In the end it wasn't a winning shot, it was a gracious handshake.

It's a team medal, there are four men in the rink, but David Murdoch new that his shoulders bore the weight of a nation's hopes.

A gracious defeat for Team GB Credit: PA

From the first end we were playing catch up, and Lockerbie's lion heart was trying to lead the chase.

But the Olympic final is supposed to be a pressure moment and it showed throughout the rink, when the Skip made a slip, Canada's confidence had given them an unassailable lead.

5-1 with just three of the ten ends gone. Time for Team GB to regroup.

Team GB seemed to lack confidence after the first end Credit: PA

The last stone in the next end, but with the hammer GB couldn't quite get the measure of the Canadians.

Team GB gave a sterling performance to bring home the silver Credit: PA

Those of us who've had a curling education this week could see that a hair's breadth represented a chasm. The nation was sharing David's frustration, his parent's had been there with him throughout.

Matt and Marion so proud of their son. The Skip conceded the top spot on the podium, Canada win gold, David Murdoch and his team win silver for Great Britain and for Lockerbie.

Politicians congratulate Team GB

So it was a disappointing game for the team but, they will still bring home a silver medal!

And, David Murdoch and his team mates have been receiving praise from politicians on both sides of the border.

Silver medals for Team GB

That's it. Canada claim the gold after the match was conceded at 9-3.

David and the team shouldn't be too down though, tHey would have gladly settled for a silver before David's last shot against Norway in the semi-finals.

They were just one stone away from leaving the games without any medal that day.

Now David can come home from his third Olympics with a silver medal hanging from his neck. As souvenirs go it's a pretty good one.

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