Keswick Film Festival underway

The 15th Keswick Film Festival is underway, showcasing 34 films at two venues in Keswick. The big hope this year is that it will break even. Usually the Festival runs at a loss.

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Top five highlights at the Keswick Film Festival

The 15th Keswick Film Festival is underway.

34 films are set to be showcased at two venues in Keswick, with organisers hopeful this year's event will break even, usually the Festival runs at a loss.

Keswick Film Festival Director, Ann Martin, gave ITV Border her top five highlights of the festival this year:

  • Great guests – from Dame Janet Suzman to the raven!
  • Fantastic films from far and wide – gives a glimpse of other lands and cultures – an local ones filmed in Ullswater
  • First films from Lesotho (The Forgotten Kingdom) and Laos (The Rocket)
  • Welcoming back the audience – once they’ve been once they just can’t stay away!
  • The buzz – everyone enjoying themselves, chatting about what they’ve seen and are going to see

Two local films showcased at Keswick Film Fest

34 films are set to be showcased at this year's Keswick Film Festival, which is currently underway.

It's the 15th time the event has taken place.

Organisers hope this is the year it will break even as the event usually runs at a loss.

Two of the films were made locally.

The Raven on the Jetty was filmed in Ullswater using a Cumbrian cast and crew. The role of the Raven was played by Cadge, a raven from the Silverband Falconry in Kirkby Thore.

Lad: A Yorkshire Story was shot on the Yorkshire Dales by a filmmaker from Windermere, Dan Hartley. Three of the main characters were played by local actors.


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