Children learn about marine life in South-West Scotland

Children from the south-west of Scotland have been learning all about marine life as part of a Nith Catchment Fisheries Trust project.

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Children become reel fish experts

Local fisherman Peter Hutchison has been helping to teach children about fishing.

Pupils from Kelloholm primary school were taught about where fish come from and the future of fishing.

Peter explains why teaching the children about fishing is important and why he hopes that some of them will become fishers too.


Fishing is 'a bit of our heritage'

A school trip as part of a project by the Nith Catchment Fisheries Trust is hoping to teach children about the fishing industry in South West Scotland.

It's hoped that it could inspire some of the children to become involved in the industry in adult life.

Local fisherman Peter Hutchinson says that fishing it part of their 'heritage' that he hopes will continue through the generations.

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