Project diverts River Nith away from coal mine site

A project is underway to divert 600 metres of the river away from a coal mine site. Fish have been transferred further downstream to protect the fish ahead of the diversion.

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Diverting river from coal mine hopes to be a net gain

It's hoped the new man made river will benefit the environment Credit: ITV Border

A project is underway to divert the River Nith away from a coal mining site to prevent damage to the environment.

Fish are being transferred, by hand, to further downstream ahead of the work.

Jim Henderson, the Fishery Director of Nith Fisheries is positive about the move:

"The habitat that the fish are going into is very good, it will obviously take some to establish but stocks of fish are very good here, the river is healthy.

It's got a very good population of fish in here and we're very pleased overall with the environment round about the river course here."

Section of the River Nith Credit: ITV Border


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