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Representing Border is ITV Border's Scottish political programme for the South of Scotland. Covering the events of Holyrood and Westminster that matter to people in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

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Peter MacMahon presents tonight's programme from Westminster as the International Development Secretary Rory Stewart is knocked out of the Tory leadership contest. The frontrunner Boris Johnson is branded a racist and not fit for office by the SNP Peter speaks to the Borders MP John Lamont who's backing Jeremy Hunt for number ten. And we hear too from the Scotsman's Westminster correspondent on the impact the leadership battle's having on the Scottish Tory party. Also on the programme, MSPs approve the principles of the workplace parking levy, but only after a bad tempered debate.

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As climate emergency campaigners converge on Holyrood to demand more urgent action on cutting greenhouse gas emissions we'll debate the new targets agreed today by MSPs with the Greens and Conservatives. And Peter MacMahon speaks to the Climate Change Secretary. Also on the programme, three years on from the referendum we hear the Brexit hopes and fears of two South of Scotland farmers. Plus, from the horrors of civil war to the safety of the South west. We report on the successes and struggles of Syrian refugees making a new life in Dumfries.


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After Boris Johnson wins round one of the Tory leadership contest the Scottish Secretary David Mundell tells Representing Border he isn't now ruling out serving in a Johnson cabinet. We have the details of the first ballot. And our regular commentators Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie consider what a Johnson premiership might mean for the Tories north of the border.

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On tonight's programme - Boris Johnson makes his pitch for the Tory leadership claiming the survival of his party depends on no more Brexit delays. We ask the Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson if she could work with a Prime Minister Johnson. Also on the programme - a question of gender and sex. The row over what should be asked in the next census, and what it means for trans rights and women's rights.

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Despite being defeated in Parliament the Scottish Government has refused to scrap National Standardised Assessments for the youngest pupils. Peter MacMahon speaks to the Education Secretary after John Swinney unveils a review of the tests for five year olds which concludes they should continue, albeit with modifications. Also on the programme, a green light for new rules on organ transplants. Now it will be presumed people have given their consent to donations unless they've said otherwise. And not that superfast. A South of Scotland MSP calls on Ministers to apologise after they admit the rollout of their scheme to provide a hundred percent broadband coverage has been delayed.

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On tonight's programme - MSPs give the green light for a new Enterprise Agency to bring jobs and businesses to the South of Scotland. Also on the programme - who will Scottish Conservatives back to succeed Theresa May? We hear from Rachel Watson, the Scottish Daily Mail's Deputy Political Editor and to Andy Maciver, the former Tory spin doctor and current director of the public affair's company Message Matters. And Peter MacMahon speaks to Judy Murray about getting the country fit for the future, and how more women can be encouraged to take up sport.


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On tonight's programme - Donald Trump and the promise of a phenomenal trade deal. But the President insists access to the NHS for private US companies would be the price Britain has to pay for a post Brexit agreement. The co-leader of the Greens in Holyrood Alison Johnstone and Dumfriesshire's Tory MSP Oliver Mundell debate if Donald Trump should have been honoured with a state visit. Also on the programme, the calls for a radical new approach to drugs policy as the death toll grows in the South of Scotland. And the climate emergency campaigners who chained themselves to parliament with a novel way of unlocking access to MSPs.

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On tonight's programme - the First Minister's accused of splitting Scotland's anti-Brexit parties to pave the way for a second independence referendum. But Nicola Sturgeon insists she remains committed to a peoples vote on Europe. We have the highlights of today's First Ministers Questions. And Peter MacMahon speaks to the veteran arts impresario Richard Demarco who is warning of a funding and Brexit crisis facing the arts in Scotland.

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On tonight's programme - paving the way for a referendum re-run. The Scottish Government publishes its bill on the rules and regulations for another independence vote with a call for Westminster not to stand in its way. Peter MacMahon asks the Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell what's the point of the legislation when the UK government still says no to indyref2? Also on the programme - more calls from unions and business to ditch plans to charge for workplace parking.

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After a disastrous performance in the European Elections two Labour frontbenchers quit. But the party's Scottish leader tells Representing Border he's staying on. We'll debate the impact of the European vote with two South of Scotland MSPs - SNP remainer Joan McAlpine and Tory Brexiteer Michelle Ballantyne. And we'll hear from a former Moderator of the Church of Scotland who warns of division and extremism in our politics. Also on the programme - a smacking ban moves a step closer as the bill to outlaw physical punishment of children passes it's first parliamentary test.

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