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Representing Border is ITV Border's Scottish political programme for the South of Scotland. Covering the events of Holyrood and Westminster that matter to people in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

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Nicola Sturgeon tells MSPs a second independence referendum should be held in the next two years, if Brexit goes ahead. We debate the First Minister's statement with the South of Scotland MSPs Joan McAlpine and Michelle Ballantyne, and Peter MacMahon asks the Daily Record's Political Editor if the SNP leader's cautious approach will satisfy nationalist activists demanding Indyref 2 now. Also on the programme - after two decades of devolution a former First Minister sets out his prescription for reforming the way Scotland's governed. Peter speaks to Jack McConnell.


We examine Nicola Sturgeon's referendum dilemma with the First Minster under pressure as she gets set to update MSPs on another independence vote. Also on the programme, the growing Brexit fears of farmers who rely on European workers to pick their crop. And the South West schools reducing the exam choices for pupils. Peter MacMahon asks the Education Secretary if children in state schools are missing out.


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As Brexit talks go on between the UK Government and Labour Nicola Sturgeons warns Theresa May and Jermey Corbyn not to cobble together a compromise. Also on the programme another final warning for Scotrail on the Borders Railway after a pregnant women takes ill and passengers faint on an overcrowded train. And the South of Scotland MSP Michelle Ballantyne denies she wants to privatise the health service as she faces more criticism for controversial comments on the NHS.

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The First Minister warns of a bad Brexit compromise after talks with the Prime Minister at Westminster, but Nicola Sturgeon is accused of only wanting to create chaos to further the independence campaign. Peter MacMahon speaks to Scotland's Brexit Secretary Michael Russell and to the Scottish Conservative's Policy Co-ordinator Donald Cameron. Also on the programme, a new call to end the need for corroboration before a case goes to court. We hear from campaigners who say the change would mean more rape and domestic abuse cases could be heard.

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The First Minister accuses the Prime Minister of kicking the Brexit can down the road yet again. We speak to the Scottish Political Correspondent of The Times, Kieran Andrews. Also on the programme a new attempt to change the law on assisted dying allowing the terminally ill to get help to end their own life. We debate the issue with MSPs Patrick Harvie and Liz Smith. And green campaigners say Scottish Government targets to cut greenhouse gases don't go far enough.

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After SNP MPs fail to back a plan for a customs union the First Minister is accused of a pursuing an obsession with independence and not caring about getting a solution to Brexit . But Nicola Sturgeon defends the actions of the SNP group at Westminster, saying their top priority now is to stop Brexit. We also report on the fears of sheep farmers in the South of Scotland if there is a no deal Brexit. And the Children's Minister has backed the bill that would ban parents from smacking their youngsters. Maree Todd told MSPs that the legislation sends a clear message that physical punishment of children is not acceptable.


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Peter MacMahon presents tonight's programme from Westminster. As the Commons seeks a way out of the EU deadlock we'll hear of the Brexit fears of some South of Scotland businesses. Peter asks the Borders MP John Lamont what should happen next, if it's time for the Prime Minister to quit or if a general election is now on the cards. We also hear from the polling guru Professor Sir John Curtice on his latest research on the government's handling of Brexit and the likelihood of another referendum.

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Tonight's programme has highlights of First Minister's Questions. Nicola Sturgeon says she'll announce a way forward on a second independence referendum when she sees what clarity emerges on Brexit in the next few days. Also tonight, after cancellations, delays and chronic overcrowding on the Borders Railway Scotrail is warned it's the last chance saloon. Plus Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie on Brexit and Indyref2.

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The Prime Minister sticks to script and insists she can still get her Brexit deal through Parliament. The SNP say Theresa May's a failure and must now allow another EU referendum. Also tonight - MSPs have their say on Labour's plan to make bus travel free for under twenty fives. We get reaction in Galashiels. And is it time for more radical reform? Scotland's Land Commission calls for new measures to stop big landowners abusing their power to stifle rural community development.

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With Brexit deadlock and delay what's the view on the streets of the South of Scotland? Dumfriesshire's Conservative MSP says most of his constituents are fed up with the uncertainty and just want a deal to be done. We're on the doorstep to find out if he's right, and we'll debate what should happen now with Oliver Mundell and the SNP's Joan McAlpine. Also on the programme - after a deal to create jobs in Annan there are claims some politicians are playing petty politics over the future of the former Pinney's plant.

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