Cumbrian students get GCSE results

Students in Cumbria are returning to school to find out their GCSE exam results today.

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Back to school: The adults who also received their exam results

It wasn't just 16 and 17-year-olds who were waiting for exam results.

Hundreds of adults across Cumbria have also been finding out how they got on, and seeing if hours of evening classes have paid off.

Katie Hunter's been to meet some of them.


Students wait nervously for GCSE results

Thousands of students in Cumbria will get their GCSE results today Credit: PA

Thousands of Cumbrian students will find out how they have done in their GCSE exams today.

Students will be returning to schools around the county to collect their results and find out if they've done as well as expected before they make their choices for their next step in life

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