50 years since last train arrives in Silloth

An exhibition is remembering 50 year s since the last train pulled into Silloth. The Carlisle to Silloth line used to be popular with people wanting to visit Silloth beach.

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Exhibition takes rail track back 50 years

It's 50 years on since that the railway line from Carlisle to the seaside town, Silloth, was closed. Generations of Cumbrians used to take the train there for their holidays.

But thanks to Doctor Beeching's cuts, the line was closed and the last train ran on September 6th 1964. We start Matthew Taylor's report with footage of that very journey, shot 50 years ago.

1964 video shows last train in Silloth

An exhibition is being held to remember when the last train pulled into Silloth.

When the Carlisle to Silloth railway closed in 1964, there was public uproar. Silloth had been a popular seaside resort for people in Cumbria but was closed as part of the Beeching cuts on this day, 50 years ago.

Below, a man explains his disappointment to see the last train to pull into Silloth:


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