Two killed in wedding fire death are named

Two people, who died in a fire in Windermere, have been named by police as Andrew William Telford Coates and Polly Sarah Connor.

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Man identified following fatal fire in Windermere

Two people, who died in a fire in Windermere, have been named by police as Andrew William Telford Coates and Polly Sarah Connor.

Andrew, 41, of Buttermere Drive in Kendal and Polly, aged 46 of Sepulchre Road in Kendal, were killed when a shed containing fireworks caught fire in Ecclerigg. It's believed they were technicians for a professional firework company, hired for a wedding party on August 30th.

Although police say they are not treating the fire as suspicious, they are working with the Fire and Rescue Service and other agencies to establish the circumstances.

Tribute paid to 'irreplaceable' wife and mother

Polly was married to Damien Connor, 46. The couple had three children; Molly, 15, Daisy, 14, and Oscar, 10. Credit: Polly Connor's family

A tribute has been paid to 46-year-old Polly Connor, who died following an explosion and fire in Windermere, on Saturday August 30th.

Polly Connor, a plumber from Kendal, had been helping with a display at a wedding celebration when the fireworks went off in a shed. A man who died with her hasn't yet been named.

"Words simply cannot adequately describe our loss, particularly that of her husband Damien and children who she absolutely adored and was so incredibly proud of. Her children were a tribute to her. She absolutely put them first.

She was irreplaceable. She was my daughter and my friend. I don't know how I will be without her.”

– Penny Benson, Polly’s mother
Credit: Polly Connor's family

“We are devastated, completely distraught. We’ve been torn apart by this.

Polly took people in, would be the first to offer to help whenever she could. She was very much a family person, loved by all who were lucky enough to know her and spend time with her.”

– Russell Colman, Polly’s brother


Update: Wedding fire deaths investigated

It should have been a perfect day for a newly married couple. But their wedding celebrations on the shores of Windermere at the weekend ended with two people dying in a firework accident.

The man and woman who died are believed to be technicians for a professional fireworks company hired for the party at the groom's house. They were killed when a huge explosion happened in a shed where the fireworks were being stored. Tim Backshall has more:

'Almighty explosions and fireworks going off'

Police are working to formally identify the victims of a fatal fire in the Lake District.

A man and a women died when a shed containing fireworks exploded in Ecclerigg near Windermere on Saturday afternoon. Cumbria Police and Fire Brigade have started a joint investigation.

Eyewitnesses say they heard a series of loud blasts and realised something was wrong:

Investigations continue into fire deaths

Investigations are continuing into the circumstances of a fire which killed two people in Windermere.

Police were called at 3.35pm, to Ecclerigg, after a shed containing fireworks was on fire. A vehicle near to the shed was also damaged by the blaze.

Two bodies, believed to be a male and female, were found.

Police are working closely with the fire service, HSE, and Trading Standards to investigate the circumstances that led to the fire.


Police investigate firework deaths near Windermere

A man and a woman have died after a shed containing fireworks exploded in the Lake District. The accident happened in Ecclerigg near Windermere yesterday afternoon as people gathered nearby to celebrate a wedding. Katie Hunter reports.

EXCLUSIVE footage shows fatal Windermere blaze

Footage showing a fatal fire in Windermere has emerged.

It was filmed by eye witness Anthony Middleton on his mobile phone. Mr Middleton was in the area on holiday with his family.

Police believe fireworks went off inside a shed and that a man and a woman were killed in the ensuing blaze.

Eye witness Anthony Middleton filmed the fire with his mobile phone. Credit: Anthony Middleton

Eye witness describes "earth-shaking" explosion in Windermere

An eye witness has described the moment he heard an "earth-shaking" explosion in Ecclerigg near Winderemere.

The ensuing blaze went on to kill a man and a woman, Cumbria Police have said. It is thought that fireworks went off while inside a shed.

Anthony Middleton, from Stockport, saw the blaze and filmed it on his mobile phone. He was on holiday in the area with his family at the time.

Speaking to ITV News Border, he said: "We heard this almighty explosion and the best way to describe that would be a series of earth-shaking cannons going off."

We heard this almighty explosion and the best way to describe that would be a series of earth-shaking cannons going off. We then looked up and saw these exhibition-style fireworks illuminating the sky, which was unusual given that it was a lovely day. We then saw thick, grey smoke bellowing from behind the trees and that's when we knew something was going badly wrong."

– Anthony Middleton, eye witness
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