Teenage rescuers return to barn blaze scene

Two 17-year-olds are returning to meet a farmer they helped after his barn caught fire.

The teenagers, Matthew Chisholm and Tyler Scarr, alerted the farmer and rescued all nine bulls trapped in the barn near Penrith, Cumbria.

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Teenagers thanked for barn blaze rescue

Two teenagers have been praised by a farmer after saving his nine bulls from a burning barn.

Matthew Chisholm and Tyler Scarr, both 17, rushed into the barn at Plumpton near Penrith with little thought for their own safety.

The couple who run the farm have praised their remarkable bravery. Tim Backshall has been to meet them.

Teenagers could 'hardly breathe' in burning barn

Two teenagers have described the night they saved nine bulls from a barn on fire near Penrith.

17-year-olds Matthew Chisholm and Tyler Scarr were driving past when they noticed the flames. They then went to alert the farmer and rescue the bulls trapped inside the barn.

The cause of the fire is believed to be an electrical fault.

Matthew Chisholm says he could 'hardly breathe' from the smoke:


'We just got on with the job'

Two teenagers have been thanked by a farmer for helping with a barn that had caught fire near Penrith.

17-year-old Tyler Scarr and his friend Matthew Chisholm were going to pick up some friends when they came across the barn. Initially they had thought fireworks had been set off, but soon realised the barn was on fire and cattle were trapped inside.

Tyler says that they didn't have time to think about the task at hand and instead just 'got on with the job' of alerting the farmer and rescuing the bulls:

Farmer thanks teenagers for saving bulls

A farmer and his wife from Plumpton, near Penrith, have thanked the two teenagers that saved nine bulls from a barn that had caught fire.

Mark Hogarth and his wife, Carol, have praised the bravery of the teenagers. Although he says that young people are often depicted negatively in the press he says the actions of the two 17-year-olds was 'remarkable':

'We could see the flames from the bedroom window'

A farmer in Plumpton, near Penrith, has described the night he was alerted by two teenagers that his barn was on fire.

Nine bulls in the barn were saved by a passer by, 17-year-old Matthew Chisholm, whilst his friend Tyler Scarr alerted the farmer.

Mark and Carol Hogarth say that they could see the flames from their bedroom window:

Teenage rescuers return to scene of barn fire

One teenager managed to rescue bulls trapped in the burning barn Credit: Tyler Scarr

Two teenagers who rescued animals from a blazing barn are returning to the farm this morning.

Matthew Chisholm and Tyler Scarr, both 17-years-old, were approaching the barn at Plumpton near Penrith and initially thought they were seeing fireworks. They soon realised it was a barn on fire and went to help.

While Tyler raised the alarm with the farmer, Matthew went into the barn to save the bulls which were living inside.

Matthew was burnt on the face but both managed to save nine bulls. Shortly after the teenagers left the barn the ceiling collapsed.

The cause of the fire is believed to be an electrical fault.

Today Matthew, from Kirkby Thore, and Tyler, who works in Kirkby Stephen, are returning to the farm to see the farmer they helped.

After Matthew left the barn, the ceiling collapsed Credit: Tyler Scarr


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