Campaigners fight for controversial Civic Centre

Carlisle City Council are considering demolishing Carlisle's Civic Centre to make way for a shopping development. However, campaigners say the building is historic and an architectural gem.

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Civic Centre: Art or an eyesore?

It's one of Cumbria's most controversial buildings and now campaigners on both sides are fighting to decide its future.

Carlisle Civic Centre frequently appears on 'ugliest buildings' lists across the country and now it could pulled down.

But as with most pieces of art - not everyone thinks the building should be scrapped. And some care so much, they've launched a petition urging people to give it a bit of love.

Matthew Taylor reports.


Council says redevelopment plans will "take years"

Carlisle Council says it wants to increase the amount of shopping available in the city.

It is currently consulting on where to put new shops. The city council has put forward proposals that involve knocking down the Civic Centre, a building which has divided opinions from the moment it was built in 1964. But the woman who is in charge of the plans, Jane Meek, says it is likely to be a number of years before any changes take place.

Jane Meek is the Director of Economic Development at Carlisle City Council:

Civic Centre 'should stay'

A campaigner who wants to keep the Civic Centre in Carlisle has pleaded for people to look again at the much criticised 1960s building.

Tina Leith is part of a group of people who think the building should be kept, despite plans to demolish it.

Mrs Leith says that those who think it's an "eyesore" should look again at its hidden treasures and iconic status. There's a website called "Save Carlisle Civic Centre from being knocked down" with a petition on it that people can sign.

The city council has put forward proposals to redevelop the area of Carlisle where the civic centre no stands. It is urging people to put their views forward on its vision of a new 200,000 square foot shopping development.

This archive footage was filmed by ITV Border shortly after it was built:

Campaigner: Civic Centre is 'iconic'

More than 200 people have signed a petition to try and save Carlisle's Civic Centre.

The city council is considering whether to demolish the 1960s building so a shopping development can be built. Opponents say it's an historic and architectural gem that should be saved.

200 fight to save Civic Centre

A petition has been signed to save Carlisle's Civic Centre. Credit: ITV Border

More than two hundred people have signed a petition to try to save Carlisle's Civic Centre.

The city council is considering whether to demolish the 1960's building to allow a potential shopping development. But opponents say it's a historic and architectural gem and should be saved.


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