Winter weather

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for parts of the region. People are being warned to watch out for surface water and leave extra time for journeys.

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Top tips for winter driving

Bill Allison warns drivers only to drive if it is essential Credit: ITV border

As gritters are out in force across the region to make roads safer, Borders Group of Advanced Motorists instructor Bill Allison has given his top tips for driving in the winter.

He says only drive if its essential, and when it is, prepare properly before leaving.

  • Completely de-ice and clean every window, the mirrors, lights and number plates.
  • Check that lights, wipers and washers all work
  • Check screenwash bottle is full and contains plenty concentrated de-icing additive.
  • Check tyre tread depth and pressures.
  • Carry: sacking, tow rope, shovel and torch

On longer journeys

  • Carry: hot drink, food, warm clothing and blankets, and mobile phone and a means of charging it in the car
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to arrive.
  • Identify places to stay en-route should the weather worsen

He also provided some handy hints for driving itself:

  • Steer, brake, accelerate, decelerate and change gear ultra-smoothly
  • Look as far ahead as you can see in all directions so that you can change speed and direction early and gently.
  • Leave a much bigger gap between you and the vehicle in front as it takes at least 10 times more room to stop on ice and snow
  • Do not brake if you skid
  • instead, calmly and gently remove excessive or harsh use of the controls or speed
  • Be aware that even on gritted roads there can be areas that have been missed
  • Watch out for bridges as they can remain icy longer than other roads
  • The same applies to roads shaded by the sun


Police: drive with 'care'

Police are advising motorists to drive with care due to the icy conditions Credit: ITV Border

Police are advising motorists to drive with care due to the icy conditions affecting the county’s roads.

In the past 24 hours, police have received just under 40 reports of road traffic collisions across the county. The majority of these resulted in damage to vehicles and there have been no serious or fatal injuries reported.

“Although there have been no serious or fatal injuries, the danger of icy conditions remain. We ask that motorists take care, adjust their driving to match the conditions of the road and allow extra time for any journey.”

– Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley, Operational Support Unit

Winter weather latest

Snow has caused disruption throughout the region Credit: ITV Border

Severe weather conditions have led to just under forty road traffic accidents in the past twenty-four hours, according to Cumbria Police.

Snow and ice have caused disruption throughout the Border region, with the Met Office warning high winds will hit the area this afternoon.

Kirkstone Pass remains closed following snowfall last night and the A74 is still slow moving in Dumfries and Galloway.

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