Inside Threlkeld's secret nuclear bunker

This hidden Cold War relic is 15ft underground, and has enough supplies for a group of three to survive three weeks.

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Watch: discover the Lake Districts secret nuclear bunker

The Lake District has it's fair share of famous landmarks.

But next month, visitors might have to look well below the surface to find the most unusual of attractions.

It's a relic of the Cold War, and part of Britain's defence network in the event of a nuclear attack.

The building will be open to the public soon, so what better way to help Paul Crone celebrate his birthday than to send him 15 feet underground:

A Cold War relic... nestled in the Lake District

The nuclear bunker. Credit: ITV News

The Lake District is famed for its stunning scenery, outdoor sports scene, and healthy livestock.

Its secret nuclear bunker, isn't so well known.

You can find it in a farmer's field in Threlkeld, and it's been restored by two former soldiers.

Inside the bunker. Credit: ITV News

Dave Boots Shaw and David Atkinson, both formerly of the Royal Observer Corps, have spent 300 hours restoring Carlisle 51 Post.

A group of three people could survive there for three weeks - but would almost certainly die from the effects of radiation after.

It's a long way down. Credit: ITV News

The nuclear bunker will open to the public from 11 July.


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