Kitten crisis in Cumbria

A Carlisle charity says Cumbria could be facing a kitten crisis - as the number of tiny felines it's taking in has increased by a third.

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A Cumbrian charity says the number of kittens it took in last year grew - by about a third on the previous year.

Katie Hunter has this report:

Is Cumbria in the midst of a kitten crisis?

The charity says it's taking in more kittens. Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria could be in the midst of a kitten crisis - according to one local charity.

The Carlisle branch of Blue Cross says it's already taken in a third more kittens this year, than in 2014.

It currently has 16 kittens in care in the area, and two of the litters were admitted suffering from serious eye problems.

They say one possible reason for the rise is that people don't neuter their kittens:

We hope owners come forward for all of the kittens in our care soon. We are concerned that not enough local cats have been neutered and that we won’t have room to take in more unwanted litters.”

– Joanne Park, Volunteer Foster Carer for Blue Cross


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