Shelby Watson: Postcard from the Games

Wheelchair athlete Shelby Watson keeps us up to date with her progress at the Cerebral Palsy World Games via her blog "Postcard from the Games".

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WATCH: Scotland's 'Golden-Girl'

Para-athlete Shelby Watson was given a warm welcome in her hometown of Johnstonebridge after winning five gold medals at the Cerebral Palsy World Games.

Shelby's dad Russ can't believe the progress she has made in only 2 years.

Family and friends came to congratulate Shelby on her 5 gold medals from the Cerebral Palsy World Games.

Golden-Girl Shelby's homecoming

Shelby was welcomed home by family ad friends Credit: ITV Border

Para-athlete Shelby Watson has been given a heroes welcome in her hometown of Johnstonebridge after winning an incredible five gold medals at the Cerebral Palsy World Games.

She says she was overwhelmed by the pipe band that played as she arrived home and shocked at how many people had come to celebrate her homecoming.

Golden-Girl Shelby Credit: ITV Border


Shelby Watson: Five gold medals and two world records...

Shelby Watson with some of her athletics team-mates. Credit: Shelby Watson

So that's me back from an amazing 10 days away, what an experience! I've had the time of my life so far. Sorry for not updating regularly, but due to it being a world games, I signed a 'code of conduct' stating I wouldn't share my racing results until after I had finished competing in all my events.

I finished competing yesterday and have only just arrived to a wonderful home greeting (being piped home, a true Scottish welcome!). I will admit I cried a wee bit...

So you're probably wondering what the results are:

  • 100m - Gold and European record.
  • 400m- Gold and world record.
  • 200m- Gold.
  • 800m- Gold.
  • 1500m- Gold and a world record (which was previously held for 14 years).

I'm very happy with my performances even though the times I achieved were not personal bests, and on the second day of competition it rained. I had an amazing time, and what an opportunity it was to race as a team with some of Scotland's elite athletes!

I had a blast and I'm missing my team mates already. This world competition has not only given me the experience needed go further but it gave me the chance to get internationally classified (T33,) which will now allow me to travel internationally to gain better times and hopefully some more world records!

I can't thank you all enough for the support that I have received. I would also like to say a big thank you to the unsung heroes of the games: the volunteers. Hopefully there'll be a fast track to race on next time, and maybe some more records!

Shelby Watson 'having a blast' at World Games

So it was another amazing day yesterday in Nottingham and I'm having the time of my life! I have so many amazing teammates and everyone is so supportive! So today was much the same as the day before in terms of meal times and the great food provided, although yesterday we had a rest day as it's race day today!!! Due to the rule of the games I'm not allowed to tell you my results until after the games, but I can tell you I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'm just so proud to be Scottish!

So you're probably thinking well if you didn't train yesterday what did you do? Well we of course did really athletic things like play crazy golf! It was so much fun! The team was split into three athletes a group, and I'll admit although I wasn't much good the lads did help me, didn't realise playing golf in my chair would be so tricky! So you're probably thinking what was your score? So I'm pleased to tell you I came second and even got a hole in one! Though I won't be giving up racing for mini-golf anytime soon!

After we returned we went back to our village to get ready for dinner and because it's me we are talking about I ate all my dinner, I then went to Tesco extra to get some sweeties! After returning I sat on the sofa in the shared kitchen with my team mates and just chilled, lots of laughter in our flat!

So by the time you're reading this I have already competed in four of my five events, I can tell you that none were personal bests but I was close although something cool did happen in one of my events. I'm not allowed to state anything till after the games but I will direct you to the place you can find my results! Go to cp 2015 world games on Facebook, or Scottish athletics on Facebook. Sshh don't tell them I told you!

So I would just like to apologise for the late blog entry but as you can imagine it's hard to find a spare moment to write this with racing! I'm having a blast though and will keep you all updated!

I'm off to bed now though as it's an early start ready for my last race of the worlds!! Wish me luck! x

Day 6: 'Super Scot'

Day six at the world games! I still can't believe I'm here, it feels like a dream! With competition day getting closer, I'm getting a wee bit nervous but overall I'm just so excited to be competing with these amazing world athletes!

So this morning was much the same as the others except, again the weather is getting cooler (so extra layers!!). The days of warm weather training are gone! Not that I'm complaining, being from Scotland i'm used to the cold and rain.

After breakfast we went training, then we all went to the cafe inside the building for a bit of lunch and much to my horror I feel asleep on the sofa in front of everyone...with my athlete pass on show!! So now all the other athletes are going to remember me as Shelby Watson from Scotland who fell asleep....Embarrassing I know, but the power nap did me good and before I knew it we were heading back to the village, we then went back to our rooms to get our Scottish flags, as we went to support our football team!

I definitely think Scotland was the loudest, the support for every athlete out there was just out of this world! If that's not sportsmanship, I don't know what is!

I wore my flag as a cape, and was referred to as super scot (picture to follow) I even went to dinner in my cape.

That's really it today as we are now on a bit of a chill, competing on Thursday! Wish me luck guys.

P.s still haven't found Those eclairs!! I will find them! Soon!!

Shelby x

Day 5: 'I am so proud to be representing my country'

Day 5: 'I am so proud to be representing my country' Credit: ITV Border

So it's been another amazing day at the games, the opening ceremony was last night and the only word that even comes close to describing the event is, amazing!

So many amazing entertainers! I loved every second!

The feeling of walking in, or in my case wheeling behind the flag bearer was the greatest, I can't tell you how honoured I am.

The ceremony was similar to that of the Commonwealth Games, at least, that's what it felt like. The music was great and as we were introduced the crowd gave a roaring cheer, it was SO loud!

The atmosphere was overwhelming, the excitement in the room was out of this world. To proudly wear the Scottish kit while entering is something I will never forget. I am so proud to be representing my country.

So this morning was like any other morning at the games, early!!

After breakfast we went to training but this time it wasn't as warm, I must have brought the Scottish weather with me as before I knew it was raining!

Not that I'm complaining...

Before long we were back on the bus and heading back to the village for Lunch. Our squad was given badges that we could trade with athletes from other countries. Before long all the bus drivers were wearing badges from different countries haha!

I made Friends with the Irish squad, turns out I know a few of them from previous comps! And their accent is just so cool! Definitely getting a selfie with these guys at some point! I also got on the lift with the Australian team, they are just too cool!

Its so great to meet so many different people.

I'll keep you all posted! but for now it's bed time for me now as competition day is just around the corner!



WATCH: the opening ceremony

Here is a video of part of the opening ceremony for the games.

I had a great time, it was amazing!

Speak soon!


Day 4: the opening ceremony

So today I'm not going to tell you all about breakfast as it was the same as yesterday (the food was still amazing) and I ate loads as usual!

All part of my super healthy athlete diet of course, it's not like I ate a Kit-Kat after my salad....(oops!)

It was another early rise, but once again the weather was too hot to get much done in the morning so we had some more free time.

I did have a wee panic this morning as my phone wouldn't charge and then it died! I was so close to going to the shop to buy a pay as you go phone so I could write this blog and keep in contact with everyone!

By the afternoon we were on our way to training, weather was still really warm but I put on sun cream and I drank plenty of water so it was fine. Athletes from Austria and Australia joined us at training! It was so cool! I didn't disrupted their training session to get a selfie, but I will try to as I really want some pictures with these guys! Unfortunately due to my phone problem I have yet to get any pictures.

After my training session I returned to my room to get ready for dinner, it was lovely as usual, but because of the warm weather I only wanted a salad and some fruit ( I know right, that the most athletic I have been so far)

Now to the good bit I have got my phone charging (finally) ready for the opening ceremony that is tonight! I'm so excited! I feel so honoured to be in my kit and I honestly can't wait to be in a room with so many different athletes form all over the world, who all have Cerabral Palsy as well.

I will tell you all more about it in tomorrow's post as i'm currently on the bus on my way to the opening ceremony!

Wish me luck! I'm feeling so proud to be Scottish right now!

Shelby's latest news from Nottingham

So it's day two, and another amazing day! I have created a check list of all the different countries I have met people from, and I'm getting really excited to compete and to watch others do the same!

My day started off early, and everyone was up and ready to go for their first full day at the games. We all meet in the morning and go down to breakfast as a team, and their is no better feeling than wheeling down to the canteen in your Scottish kit!

It's strange to have breakfast with so many countries in one room and I often find myself just looking around the big hall thinking what an honour it is to be sitting at the table with my team in front of so many others.

It is so cool when another country just comes up to the table and says "Hi Scotland." I accept now that as a member of this amazing team I have lost my name and that we are all just get referred to to as 'Scotland!.'

This leads me to what I had for breakfast, which was cereal and fruit and a glass of apple juice, which was amazing as all the food here is lovely. After breakfast I had some free time so I sat in the shared kitchen with my pals and watched Netflix. I've nearly finished season six of Pretty Little Liars! After this I wandered Back into my room to get my training stuff together and get ready to train with my dream team!

The track is nice and I find myself both nervous and excited when I'm on it,as I know that every time I'm on the track it gets closer to competition time!

After a nice training session in the sun and heat, (this was so weird for team Scotland,, as well we only get rain or snow!) I came back to my room to get showered ready for dinner which was, again, amazing. I had a pork chop and cleared my plate,no surprise there! I did I look for some chocolate eclairs though..... I haven't found any yet so will have to keep looking tomorrow!

After dinner I sat with my team mates and just had a laugh! I still feel that I must be asleep as I keep thinking, I can't possibly be here! And with these amazing athletes that I have the honour of calling my team mates!

Every free moment I sit and think to myself how lucky I am to have so many people supporting me, as if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here writing this blog! So thank you all so much! I will do my best to make you all proud and represent Scotland in the best possible way :)

Anyway back to my story.... went off topic for a wee second! After dinner we had a wee Scotland quiz, this was just a little something between the Scotland squad. We were split from our normal groups which was a good thing as it allowed me to meet others on the squad that I naturally would be too shy to talk to otherwise.

So today was a productive day.... made more friends...ate loads... trained loads and I'll do it all again tomorrow!

P.S: My quiz team lost... But I take full responsibility for that, it doesn't matter how many quizzes I go to, I still write random answers when I don't know the real one (which is more often than not).

I will keep you all updated! till tomorrow guys! Good night!

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