Holiday for teenage carers ruined by thieves

It was supposed to be a fun break from lives dedicated to caring for their parents, brothers or sisters.

But ten teenager carers from south Cumbria lost belongings and sentimental photos when their minibus was raided.

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Watch: holiday for carers ruined by thieves

A group of teenage carers, who dedicate their lives to looking after their relatives, have had their holiday ruined by thieves.

The trip to Manchester was arranged to give them a break, but their minibus was broken into, and photos and gifts with sentimental value taken.

Fiona Marley Paterson has this report:

Sentimental photos stolen from young carers

A group of young carers, on a holiday in Manchester organised to give them a rest, have had their possessions stolen.

Kayla Laisby lost a photo of her and her dad, who has terminal cancer, when they were younger:

I want the people to be found so that they can understand how much us as carers have been through anyway. And now for them to do that to us, no regard for us whatsoever... and now everything's gone."

– KAYLA LAISBY, young carer


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