Warning of strong winds as Storm Henry hits the region

A Yellow wind warning is in place for Cumbria, and an Amber warning for the south of Scotland.

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Lorry drivers should avoid exposed roads

Drivers are urged not to ignore weather warnings Credit: PA

Police are warning lorry and van drivers not to ignore advice, to avoid certain roads as Storm Henry brings high winds to the region.

Road and rail services are expected to be disrupted throughout the day as Storm Henry strengthens.

Two lorries were overturned on the Cumbria/County Durham border yesterday due to severe winds.

Rail networks across the region are enforcing a 50mph speed limit throughout the day so journeys could be delayed.

Lorries overturned on the A66 Credit: ITV Border

WATCH: warnings as vehicles overturn on A66

Police have renewed their warning to drivers of high-sided vehicles, after two lorries overturned within a quarter of a mile of one another on the A66.


PHOTOS: lorries overturned on A66

Police say some van and lorry drivers appear to be ignoring their advice not to use certain routes in high winds after three commercial vehicles overturned.

Two of them are within a quarter mile stretch of each other on the border between Cumbria and County Durham.

One lorry and a large white van have gone over on the A66 eastbound close to the Stainmore Cafe near Kirkby Stephen.

Lorries overturned on the A66. Credit: ITV Border
Lorries overturned on the A66. Credit: ITV Border

Severe gale force winds to strike Scottish Borders

Amber and Yellow warnings are in force. Credit: Met Office

Severe gale force winds of up to 90mph are expected to strike exposed parts of the Scottish Borders today, the local council has warned.

Two severe weather warnings have been issued - an Amber Wind Warning (Low likelihood of High impacts) is in place valid from 3pm on Monday through to 9am on Tuesday.

Around this is a Yellow wind warning (Low of Medium impacts) from 9am Monday to 9am Tuesday.

The Amber warning covers the northern areas of the Borders where the Yellow warning covers the whole area.

Scottish Borders Council is urging people to take care in the blustery conditions:

We expect to see winds gradually becoming stronger during today with the strongest winds expected from later into the evening and into Tuesday.

We may expect to see gusts widely reaching 70 to 80mph and in the most exposed locations, gusts to 90 mph are possible during the evening and into Tuesday.

Our Emergency Bunker is opening at 3pm today and will remain open through the night until 9am tomorrow morning to co-ordinate the multi-agency response to any impact of the high winds.

Residents should expect travel disruption and difficult driving conditions, so please take extreme care when you are out and about.”

– Jim Fraser, SBC’s Emergency Planning Officer


Warning to drivers on A66

Cumbria Police is warning drivers of vehicles that are vulnerable to strong winds to avoid the A66.

A Yellow wind warning is in force for the county.

Vehicles, such as empty lorries or caravans, can be vulnerable in excessive winds and should avoid using the road.

They're also advising motorists to drive according to the conditions, and slow down while driving in high winds.

Yellow warning of wind for Cumbria

A Yellow warning is in force. Credit: Met Office

A Yellow warning for wind is in force for Cumbria, as Storm Henry sweeps through the region.

The Met Office says gusts of up to 70mph are possible:

Southwesterly gales will continue to affect northern parts of the UK during Monday, strengthening further to bring locally severe gales by Monday night before easing on Tuesday morning. Gusts of 60 mph are likely quite widely, with up to 70 mph in more exposed spots."

– Met Office

The Met Office is advising people to be aware of the risk of disruption to transport and power supplies, with some structural damage also possible.

Amber wind warning for south of Scotland

An Amber Warning is in place. Credit: Met Office

An Amber wind warning is in force for Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, as Storm Henry sweeps through the region.

The Met Office says gusts of 70-80mph are expected, and there could be localised flooding:

Some very strong west to southwesterly winds are expected to develop on the southern and western flanks of this system, affecting much of Scotland.

Gusts of 70-80 mph are expected widely, whilst gusts of 90 mph are possible in the most exposed areas, especially across the Western Isles and along the west coast.

Added to this, some very large waves are expected, which may lead to localised flooding of coastal roads and causeways. Winds will ease during Tuesday morning, but will still be very strong in places for the morning rush hour."

– Met Office

The Met Office is advising people to be prepared for some potentially severe weather, causing transport disruption and difficult driving, some structural damage, dangerous coastal conditions and disruption to power supplies.

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