Manchester attack: Forces across Border region deployed to support national anti-terror operation

The terror threat level across the UK has been raised to 'critical'.

22 people, including children, were killed after a suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

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Manchester attack: Eight in custody following two more arrests

Police in Manchester have arrested two men in relation to the terror attack at Manchester Arena on Monday evening, bringing the total number of people in UK custody to eight.

One of the arrests was made after officers from Greater Manchester Police searched an address in the Withington area of the city on Thursday morning.

Good Morning Britain Correspondent Juliet Dunlop said: "It's becoming ever more clear this is a highly complex, fast-moving police investigation.

"In the last 48 hours a string of arrests have been made [and] a controlled explosion carried out [in Moss Side, Manchester]."


Keswick taxi driver helps those stranded in Manchester

The efforts of a taxi driver from Keswick have made one of the heartwarming stories to come out of the terror attacks in Manchester.

Alastair Quinn was a lifeline for a mother from Renwick, near Penrith, allowing her 19-year-old son to get home to safety.

Fiona Marley Paterson went to meet him:

Army deployed to Sellafield

Credit: PA

The Army will arrive at Sellafield nuclear plant this afternoon to provide additional security in response to the national 'critical' terror threat.

Armed troops are being deployed to guard "key locations" across the UK, after the prime minister raised the threat level to 'critical', putting Operation Temperer into action.

military personnel are being deployed across the UK.

Armed officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, which polices nuclear sites including Sellafield, are being redeployed to support other forces across the UK.

In an exclusive interview with ITV Border, Sellafield's Director of Security told us:

You'll see a high level of security here as is routine but we've looked at that and we've made changes where necessary to our posture.

Elements of the civil nuclear constabulary here at Sellafield have been deployed to assist the home office, however, we've have practised for this eventuality and what we will see is the army deploying and the armed forces will assist our CNC colleagues here and supplement them so from a security perspective there is no change in terms of our capability here and indeed the deployment of the army further enhanced our ability to react should there be a change in circumstances.

– Mark Neate Director of Security


Civil Nuclear Police redeployed across UK

A CNC officer at Sellafield Credit: ITV Border

The organisation which polices nuclear sites, including Sellafield in west Cumbria, has redeployed some of it's armed officers to support other forces across the UK.

It's part of Operation Temperer - where armed forces aren being sent out onto the streets and to guard major sites and events, after the terror threat level was raised to 'critical' in the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing.

As part of Operation Temperer, which was initiated yesterday evening, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is providing a number of Authorised Firearms Officers to support colleagues in Home Office forces.

Our civil nuclear sites remain fully protected and the CNC will continue to carry out their core role of protecting nuclear sites and materials, while also being part of the strategic reserve supporting communities across the country.

– Civil Nuclear Police statement
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