Election campaigning resumes after terror attack

With a matter of days to go before the General Election, the parties are stepping up their campaigning.

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WATCH: How will young Cumbrians vote?

Thousands of young people will vote for the first time on Thursday.

ITV Border's Hannah McNulty spoke to three students about a range of issues - from whether 16-year-olds will get the vote, to how young people get their news.


Theresa May visits Scottish Borders ahead of election

Theresa May arrives in Kelso. Credit: ITV Border

The Prime Minister has arrived in the Scottish Borders, to boost local campaigners ahead of the General Election.

Theresa May is visiting Kelso, having spoken earlier in Edinburgh where she pledged to "fight for Britain" by resisting independence.

We need to pull together in order to try and deliver on the Brexit negotiations, not trying to drive these four nations apart, which is what Nicola Sturgeon is trying to do.

In this week of all weeks we stand together, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as one United Kingdom.

We are four proud nations but one united people, dedicated to our shared British values of freedom, of democracy, of human rights under the rule of law.

– Theresa May


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