To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, ITV Border has been travelling around the region to discover how the population are commemorating those who fought for their country.

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Lamp post poppies in Ambleside display names of First World War soldiers

In many south Cumbrian communities, large poppies are displayed on lamp posts with the names of those who died in the First World War.

It's a reminder that for each flower, a family was changed forever by the loss of a son, husband, brother or nephew.

Fiona Marley Patterson reports from Ambleside:

West Cumbria marks the centenary of the armistice with one thousand recycled poppies

A thousand recycled poppies were made by local school children and 'planted' outside the Beacon Museum, in Whitehaven, west Cumbria.

Samantha Parker went along to speak to the relatives of soldiers who fought in battle :


Carlisle Castle turn back the clocks to 1918

Carlisle Castle turned back the clocks to 1918 over the weekend. It was transformed to give people a feel of how it would have looked at the time of the Armistice.

There were all-day reenactments, a torch-lit procession, and hundreds of visitors were able to discover what life would have been like in the trenches.

Ryan Dollard met the organisers of the event before the big day :

Hawick man cycles 1918 miles in run up to Armistice centenary

In the run up to the Armistice centenary, an army veteran from Hawick has took on the challenge of cycling 1918 miles across the Scottish Borders.

Ian McLeod will stop off at a number of war memorials on his travels. ITV Border caught up with him last week :


Man from the Scottish Borders writes book on relatives war letters

Across the region, people are delving into their own history. One man from the Borders has written a book based on the letters sent by his grandfather to an aunt in Galashiels.

Jennifer Cordingley reports:

Gurkha veterans remember soldiers who fought during the Great War

On Monday, our reporter Greg Hoare, went along to meet Gurkha veterans living in Carlisle. The city has a thriving Nepalese population, made up largely of soldiers and their families who have settled there.

Exhibition looks back at the world's largest munitions factory in southern Scotland

A special exhibition to remember the work done at the world's largest munitions factory in south west Scotland is attracting lots of visitors.

Some of the volunteers at Eastrigg's Devils Porridge Museum had relatives including mothers, grandmothers and aunts who worked at the factory. The factory closed its doors the day the Great War ended.

Kim Ingles reports.

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