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Huhne: 'no subsidies for nuclear industry'

Former energy minister Chris Huhne has called on the government not to allow subsidies for the nuclear industry.

Since leaving Parliament, Huhne has forged a career as an energy expert.

He was commenting on the termination of a multi-billion-pound nuclear contract, due to a botched tendering process.

No subsidies for nuclear. That was the coalition government policy. It should be the policy again but the government seems to be relenting and saying 'no, maybe we should give a few subsidies', and it's opening the door to exactly a repetition of the sort of disaster that we see today.

It is genuinely the case that for example in Sellafield where there are a lot of research facilities, and which accounts for about 70% of the cost of total decommissioning, a lot of things were thrown away in the 1950s in the urgency to generate plutonium for the atom bomb programme, as well as generating electricity.

Those things weren't properly logged. We don't know what's in the silos, and therefore you need to have a really extensive investigative programme to find out what the problems are before you can clear them up.

And if you find out they are worse than you could conceivably have expected, that's going to cost more money, so that's basically what's been happening, and we've got this enormous increase in the cost of clear up.

– Chris Huhne, former Secretary of State for energy and climate change


£1billion announced for rural broadband improvement

Credit: PA

Broadband speed and reliability remain a problem in many areas of the region but there are hopes the £1billion for faster broadband announced in the chancellor's autumn statement may make a difference.

However, there are hundreds of rural businesses that rely more and more on the internet to grow and maintain their operation, and who don't believe that today's announcement will help them:

1 in 4 Jedburgh residents sign up to super fast broadband so far

70% of the Scottish Borders can access super fast broadband Credit: PA.

One in four people have signed up to use super fast broadband in the Scottish Borders so far.

Around 70% of the region now has access to the service which provides much higher speeds, allowing people to stream videos and download large files.

Friday last week saw the launch of the latest super fast broadband cabinet in Jedburgh but residents and businesses wishing to use the service need to contact their supplier.


Pokémon Go players urged to stay safe in countryside

Pokémon Go Credit: PA

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is urging Pokémon Go players to take care when they use the app in the countryside.

They're also asking them to make sure they don't trespass on private property.

The group represents thousands of farmers, landowners and businesses in the north of England, and they've issued the following top tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Stick to designated public rights of way as marked on the map or sign posts
  • Keep dogs on a lead around farm animals and horses but let the lead go if they give chase
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Follow the Countryside Code
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