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No place like home

In the days after the flood our reporter Kate Walby went to meet Marry Hall.

While others were moving out of the city Marry was determined She was guarding her house on nearby Greystone Road after reports of the looting in the city that we heard about earlier.

Well Kate has been back to meet her to reflect on that week in January 2005.

Looking to the future

As the flood waters drained away, the city - and the country's politicians - had to decide how to try to stop it happening again. Straight away the decision was made to protect Carlisle and other areas with large flood defences. But how effective are they?

Tim Backshall asks the question "could it happen again?"


"The flood heroes"

As the waters rose, people left their possessions and headed for drier ground. But some stayed behind to help others to safety.

Matthew Taylor reports now on "the flood heroes".

A city underwater: looking back on the Carlisle floods

A months worth of rainfall in 24 hours saw Carlisle hit by the worst flooding for 200 years. Three people died, nearly 2000 properties were deluged and tens of thousands of homes were left without power. Hannah McNulty has been looking back at the events of a decade ago:

Carlisle floods: Warwick Road

Ten years ago Carlisle was devastated by floods, and Warwick Road was hit particularly badly.

We'll have more stories of the people affected on tonight's Lookaround.

Six miles of flood defences built since devastating floods

On this day, ten years ago, Carlisle was devastated by flooding.

Since then, more than six miles of flood defences have been built around the city.

The Environment Agency says they've reduced the risk considerably. And the defences have already been seriously tested.


Flood victims remember 10 years on

On Lookaround tonight we'll be live from Warwick Road, one of the worst affected areas back in 2005.

We'll be revisiting people whose homes were badly damaged and hearing from Marie Hall who refused to leave her house after reports of looting in the city. She lived upstairs without heating or electricity for days.

Looking back on the day the rain came down

Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the floods which devastated large parts of Carlisle.

Nearly 2,000 properties were flooded, leaving tens of thousands of people out of their homes. Two months of rainfall fell in just 24 hours causing the main rivers in the city to overflow.

Matthew Taylor looks back now on the day the rain came down.