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A69 delays expected

Police are warning drivers in Cumbria to expect delays between Carlisle and Blenkinsopp tomorrow.

From around 9am police will escort a slow moving abnormal load via the A689 into Crosby Village and onto the A69.

Delays are expected until around 1pm.


Roads Minister: Cumbria to North East is 'national pinch point'

The A69 could be made a dual carriageway. Credit: ITV Border

Roads Minister Andrew Jones says there is a "national pinch point" between Cumbria and the North East when it comes to road transport.

He's in Carlisle today, to look at plans to turn two major Cumbrian roads, the A69 and A66, into dual carriageways:

The key thing here is we know we have a national pinch point. We want to improve the east to west connections in the north of our country.

And how do we do that is the question we've asked. And we've asked it in a strategic study, which is going to report next year, and that will form part of our thinking in how we construct future road investment schemes."

– Andrew Jones, Roads Minister

WATCH: 'It could have gone through her window'

A woman in her eighties was woken in the early hours of this morning to discover a lorry had crashed into her house.

Helen Walker, a family friend of the 85 year old has described the moment her neighbour's house was hit.

Lorry crashes into 80 year old's house

Debris from the crash Credit: ITV Border

A lorry crashed into a house near the crossroads in Corby Hill, next to the Brampton Medical Practice around 3am this morning.

It hit the house of a lady in her eighties while she was sleeping in her bedroom downstairs.

The lady's downstairs bedroom window Credit: ITV Border

Damage was made to the lady's bedroom windowsill as well as the house's gutters.

Damage to the gutters Credit: ITV Border

The lorry then went on to wipe out a street light and a bus station.

Clean up of the scene Credit: ITV Border


Lorry crashes into house

Police Credit: ITV Border

The A69 in Cumbria has been closed this morning after a lorry crashed into a house, strewing masonry and debris across the carriageway.

It happened just after 3am at the crossroads in Corby Hill, next to the Brampton Medical Practice.

Police confirmed that the driver of the truck escaped serious injury.

The truck came to rest in the front garden of the house involved.

The road has remained closed as clear up work is carried out and diversions have now been set up between junction 43 of the M6 and the A689 at Brampton.

Carlisle roadworks: communication 'could have been better'

The A689. Credit: ITV Border

From Monday the two major routes linking the North East to Carlisle will both have significant road works ongoing.

Work on the A689 between Brampton and Kingstown has been taking place for months, and work begins on the A69 next week.

The County Council and Highways England say they are doing their best to minimise disruption - but some drivers feel that the two jobs should have been staggered.

Councillor Nick Marriner, whose parish is in the area that could be affected, says communication could have been better:

There could have been better communication between the Highways Authority who deal with this road, and the Council who deal with that road.

But the work has to be done, it's important work and they have to do it in summer."

– Nick Marriner, Cumbria County Council
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