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WATCH: row over Lyth Valley draining plans

Watch Fiona Marley Paterson's full report on the Lyth Valley.

Flood defence pumps at the Cumbrian beauty spot are to be turned off - local farmers are concerned, but conservationists have backed the move:


Row over Lyth Valley draining plans

The Lyth Valley. Credit: ITV Border

A row has broken out between farmers and conservationists over flood defences in the Lyth Valley in South Cumbria.

The Environment Agency is due to switch off four pumps, which keep the land drained, and farmers and landowners are keen to find a way to run the system themselves.

But conservationists argue that continual drainage will lead to more wildlife being lost.

Kelso 'best known ram sale in the world'

The ram sale is a huge event in the Borders. Credit: ITV Border

The Kelso Ram Sale is considered by many to be the biggest, and best known, one-day event of its kind in the world:

I think without boasting it's probably the best known ram sale in the world.

We've 16 rings selling simultaneously it's unique."

– Ronald Wilson, Border Union Agricultural Society

Things you didn't know about Kelso ram sale

It's considered the biggest single day ram sale in the world. Credit: ITV Border

The annual Kelso ram sale takes place today, and here are a few facts you might not have known about the event:

  • The first Ram Sale was held in the Knowes in Kelso, way back in 1836
  • It's tradition for the bell to be rung at 10am exactly by the Secretary of the Society, to begin selling
  • A 'Tup Taxi' helps buyers transport their new rams from the pens to their vehicle
  • It's considered the biggest single day ram sale in the world
  • In 1993 more than £2 million was made in sales
  • In the last few years rams have been exported to three EU countries, Holland, Germany and Ireland


Can this Westmorland Show be a record breaker?

There are already more than 30,000 people at this year's Westmorland County Show, which means they're getting close to last year's record of 35,000.

There are plenty of people there... and lots of cattle too. Credit: ITV Border
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