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Facebook bomb threat: man avoids jail

A Carlisle man has avoided prison despite encouraging others to petrol bomb an Indian takeaway, after the takeaways manager was arrested for sexually assaulting young girls.

After the arrest of Azad Miah, who ran the Spice of India, 27 year old Alan Clarke wrote on a friend's Facebook page:

'If anyone feels the need to smash the place up, I won't stop you ha-ha' he went on to say that 'the place needs petrol bombed'.

Clarke received a 12 month sentence suspended for 2 years, was given a curfew and will have to carry out 200 hours unpaid work.

Judge Paul Batty QC warned him that if he became involved with anything similar again, he would face a long prison sentence.

Last year, Miah was sentenced to 15 years in prison for running the Spice of India on Botchergate as an underage brothel.


Takeaway owner jailed for 15 years

A Carlisle takeaway owner has been jailed for 15 years for attempting to recruit young girls into prostitution and running a brothel from his curry house. Azad Miah was found guilty yesterday of 10 offences, following a trial at Carlisle Crown Court.

He paid for sex with vulnerable underage girls, some had drug or alcohol addictions or chaotic home lives. He also used the rooms above the former Spice of India takeaway on Botchergate as a brothel, when men paid as little as £10 for sex with the girls who were as young as 15.

He pursued one girl and sent her dozens of texts despite knowing she was just 12 years old. Sentencing him the judge said:

You preyed on the immaturity and vulnerability of young girls

– Judge Peter Hughes


Azad Miah claims he was being framed for money

Azad Miah Credit: ITV Border

A court has heard how a former take away owner accused of running a brothel involving under-age girls has claimed he was being framed for money.In evidence from police interviews, Carlisle Crown court was told that Azad Miah denied knowing that one of his alleged victims was 14.

Miah said he believed the girl was over 18 when he began a sexual relationship with her.

He said he only gave her money as "presents" and ended the relationship when he learned she was a drug addict.

He said her accusations were a way of blackmailing him because he was a family man with a wife and four children. He denied any sexual contact with another girl who claims he made advances to her when she was 16.

He said she caused a violent scene in his take away when he stopped one of his chefs from seeing her. He also denied having sex with another of his alleged victims who was 14 at the time and he denied knowing the others who have made allegations against him.

He faces charges of paying for sex with a child, inciting child prostitution and running a brothel at his former take away, The Spice Of India on Botchergate in Carlisle.He denies all the charges against him.