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Cumbrian beekeepers hope to reverse decline in population

Poor weather and some pesticides have been blamed for a decline in the bee population in the UK.

The insects are essential in pollinating crops, and ensuring the safe growth of our food supply.

Making sure the population undergoes a revival is now said to be an environmental urgency.

Andy Burn has been looking at one project in Cumbria aiming to do that:


Don't worry, bee happy

A honey bee Credit: PA

Beekeepers in Cumbria are using a £2,209 grant to develop a new apiary near Temple Sowerby, with the hope of reversing the decline of bee colonies.

Members from the Penrith Beekpeers Project, supported by Eden Community Fund, are using an old orchard at Acorn Bank as the base for the apiary.

The protective three-sided structure will provide shelter for between four and six beehives.

Beekeeping groups, as well as supervised children and adults, will be able to carry out hive inspections in a safe environment.

Volunteers from the project are hoping to offset the decline in bee colonies, by raising queen bees to supply local beekeepers.

It is also hoped that the colonies can be used for educational purposes, by promoting environmentally friendly husbandry.