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Bluebird team ends Scottish trials

The team have been testing Bluebird on the Isle of Bute. Credit: PA

The engineers who have spent the last 11 days testing Donald Campbell's Bluebird on the Isle of Bute, are returning to their workshop in North Shields.

It’s taken over fifty years for Bluebird K7 to return to water, after it flipped into the air and crashed into Coniston Water in 1967.

45-year-old Donald Campbell died trying to break his own water speed record.

It took until 2001 to recover Campbell and Bluebird from the Cumbrian lake.

Repair work has restored the boat to its original state with a brand-new engine.

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Restoration of Donald Campbell's Bluebird nears completion

In 1967 Donald Campbell tried to break the world water speed record on Coniston Water in the Lake District. The attempt cost him his life.

18 years ago the wreckage of his boat, Bluebird, was recovered.

Since then a team has been using some of the original parts to revive the craft. The final phase is nearly complete.