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Watch Border Life Friday 19th October

Sandy McCracken recounts the tale of the Princess Victoria disaster in which a car ferry sank in a storm with a heavy loss of life. Lori Carnochan reports on the hot topic in Langholm - chillis. The town's chilli club is gathering dozens of members each week, including one now growing the world's hottest chilli.

Watch Border Life Mon 15/10/2018

A Border Life special as we get exclusive access to rugby star Stuart Hogg. Lori Carnochan sees him at home with his family, and in training with the Glasgow Warriors. Stuart talks candidly about the emotional moments of his life - losing his best friend, missing vital games through injury, and the pride he feels in his home town of Hawick.

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Fiona Armstrong meets the woman who was instrumental in getting the first man on the moon to visit Langholm. The programme features unique film of Neil Armstrong's time in the town, taken from the Border TV archive.

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Lori Carnochan finds out how archaeologists are uncovering the turbulent past at a Scottish Castle - including evidence of hard partying! Sandy McCracken explores another hidden part of our coastline, this time taking in the follies and mock castles of an eccentric landowner.


Watch Border Life Online

Lori Carnochan visits the Dumfries church which is bucking the trend of falling attendances - the minister says the key is involving the whole community, irrespective of religion. Sandy McCracken gets an exclusive look inside a mausoleum which is being restored in the Borders: the man who commissioned it thought he would be the only one to ever see inside it. And we hear the extraordinary story of a friendship forged after a dramatic rescue in the Himalayas which resulted in a Sherpa from Nepal making his home in Scotland.

Watch Friday's Border Life 31/08/18

Lori Carnochan explores secret tunnels under Dumfries, while Sandy McCracken takes a look at Kirkcudbright's new gallery and asks why the town has been such a magnet for artists. Plus, a visit to the first whisky distillery in the Borders for 200 years.

VIDEO: Watch Border Life online

Fiona Armstrong meets the President of the Scottish NFU at his farm in Dumfries & Galloway to talk about Brexit and the other challenges facing Scotland's farming community.

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