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Front Street in Brampton remains closed after electrical fire

Front Street in Brampton remains closed in both directions between Gelt Road and Carlisle Road, following an electrical fire.

It happened around 4pm on Wednesday 30 May.

The fire was caused when a mains electricity cable shorted outside St Martin's Church.

Nearby homes and businesses - including the church - were temporarily evacuated.

A number of properties were without power for several hours whilst the cable was isolated and made safe by workmen.

Repairs are ongoing and the road has remained closed for more than 48 hours.

No one was hurt in the incident.


New play area opens at Talkin Tarn

The new Talkin Tarn play area Credit: Carlisle City Council

A new play area has been built at the Talkin Tarn Country Park in Brampton, Cumbria.

Aimed at children up to 12 years old, the play area includes a large sand pit, a slide and a wooden dinghy. It has been constructed from natural materials and is designed to "harmonise with the natural environment of Talkin Tarn."

The area's equipment has been designed to allow children to play according to their abilities, helping them develop their co-ordination, balance and confidence.

'Give and Take' free household items at Brampton market

Credit: PA

Local residents in Brampton will be able to take away unwanted items from their local Farmers' market on Saturday, 24 June.

Called the 'Give and Take day', any member of the public will also be able to give household items they no longer need.

It will take place alongside Brampton Farmers’ Market in the market square from 10am to 1pm.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – what a great idea Give and Take is! We are really looking forward to holding this event which, hopefully, will be the first of many in Brampton. We are looking for volunteers to help on the day so please get in touch if you can give us an hour or two.

– Heather Tipler, Sustainable Brampton

Cumbria County Council’s waste prevention team is currently working in collaboration with Sustainable Brampton to take the event to Carlisle.

'Freedom' of Brampton for the RAF

RAF troops on parade Credit: ITV Border

The Royal Air Force has been given the 'freedom' of a Cumbrian town.

Townsfolk handed over the freedom of Brampton to officers from the RAF at a ceremony in the centre of the town.

The honour was given to the RAF to mark the close relationship the community has with the nearby RAF Spadeadam training facility.

RAF Spadeadam Station Commander, Wing Commander Ruari Henderson-Begg says it's been a proud moment.


Breeding hen harriers found at RSPB Geltsdale

Hen harrier chicks Credit: PA

Wardens at RSPB Geltsdale, near Brampton, have confirmed that they have a breeding pair of hen harriers.

A visit to one of the licensed nests found a female harrier incubating five eggs.

It's believed to one one of only three in England this year, and if the eggs hatch it will be the first time there have been hen harrier chicks at RSPB Geltsdale for a decade.

The hen harrier nest is believed to be one of only three in England this year.

The birds of prey are on the verge of extinction and in 2015, there were only six successful nests in the whole country.

“We’re delighted that we have hen harriers breeding on the reserve once again. It’s an incredibly nerve-wracking time but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll see fledged young in a few months time.

“Staff and volunteers are watching the nest around the clock to prevent unnecessary disturbance, and we have spoken to our neighbouring estates about the birds so they can play their part in helping to ensure that the birds are safe when they leave our reserve to hunt.”

– Steve Westerberg, Site Manager, RSPB Geltsdale

Last year, a pair bred at Geltsdale but the nest failed during the incubation period after the male suddenly vanished while hunting away from the nest.

Faced with the prospect of starvation, RSPB Geltsdale say the female had little choice but to abandon her eggs.

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