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Around the House: how soon could there be a General Election?

Martin Stew presents our political programme from Westminster - with Brexit battle lines drawn over Deal/No Deal, and a looming election.

He speaks to Tim Farron MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale and Rory Stewart MP for Penrith and The Border.


Health bosses make arrangements for no deal Brexit

Hospitals prepared for no deal Brexit Credit: ITV Border

Hospital patients in North Cumbria are being reassured that a No Deal Brexit would not affect them.

The Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Executive says preparations have already been made.

At the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle and at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, managers have been busy make contingencies plans for such an eventuality, in line with guidance from theGovernment.

"We're well organised here. We know that if there is a no deal Brexit there could be some risks to the transport of drugs from Europe into this country but we are already geared up to respond to that should it happen."

– North Cumbria Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Executive Stephen Eames

Carlisle MP calls for alternative Brexit option

With Parliament just a few days away from voting on Teresa May's Brexit deal, Carlisle's MP John Stevenson says he hasn't decided how to vote.

The Conservative MP voted to remain and has had a record of being a rebel and while he says he hasn't made up his mind on how he'll vote, he says he doesn't like any of the three options: reversing Brexit, a second referendum or Teresa May's plan.

"I do not think it's in the interests of Carlisle or our country for a no deal, I also do not think it would be right to have a 2nd referendum because we had one in 2016. What I've got to decide is, is Theresa May's proposals the right ones or is there a 4th alternative? And I've long been a supporter of the Norwegian option."

– John Stevenson MP, Carlisle (Conservative)
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