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Scottish Conservatives: "Voting system worked against us"

The Scottish Conservatives missed out on the Leaderdale and Melrose by-election seat.

Candidate Rachael Hamilton topped the ballot on the first preferences transfers under the Single Transferable Voting system, but lost the last stage to The Borders Party's Iain Gillespie.

“While I am obviously delighted to have come so close to getting elected, the system in this instance has worked against me.

"To receive the highest number of first preference votes sends a positive message about the amount of Conservative support in Leaderdale & Melrose.

“It is a shame that the voting system has cost us, and that despite being most people’s preferred candidate transfers have meant that we have missed out. It does show however that despite results elsewhere in the UK, the Conservatives are making gains here in the Borders."

– Rachael Hamilton, Scottish Conservative Candidate

Leaderdale and Melrose councillor elect "delighted"

Outgoing councillor Nicholas Watson congratulates Iain Gillespie Credit: ITV News Border

The result means The Borders Party maintain two seats on Scottish Borders council.

Iain Gillespie says he was surprised but delighted by the result:

"It has always been my attitude that the Borders Party are there for the Scottish Borders people, and hopefully this is building on the success of Nicolas Watson and Sandy Aitchison and hopefully it will go on from there.

"We are not a political party, we have no place in Westminster or Edinburgh, and simply my interest was and always has been the Scottish Borders."


Penrith by election result

The results of the election for the Councillor for the Penrith Pategill Ward have been declared.

The Liberal Democrat candidate, John Michael Tompkins won with 221 votes.

The breakdown of the voting was as follows:

  • Tompkins, John Michael (Liberal Democrats) 221 Votes
  • Bateman, Andrew John (Conservative) 86 Votes
  • Ayers, Jamie Nicholas (Labour) 77 Votes
  • Holt, Ian (British National Party) 28 Votes

The voter break down was:

  • Total Electorate 1128
  • Total Votes Cast 415
  • Turnout 36.79%
  • Total Spoilt Votes 3

Annandale North By-Election

Voters in Moffat, Lockerbie and Lochmaben areas will elect their new councillor today (15th November), after the sudden death of Councillor Ted Brown last month.

Polling stations will close at 10pm, with the count starting in Lockerbie Town Hall shortly afterwards.

The result is due around 2am.


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