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Hate crime victims encouraged to report abuse

The film explains what hate crimes are. Credit: Carlisle MENCAP

A Cumbrian charity has produced a film to encourage victims of hate crimes to come forward.

Carlisle MENCAP supports people with learning disabilities, and they've released the film to coincide with Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The film explains what hate crimes are, and how to report them to the police.


MENCAP film: hear from the filmmakers

Carlisle MENCAP hope their new film will inspire people with learning disabilities to vote.

And the filmmaking process itself was worthwhile, according to those who put the video together.

Giving people with learning disabilities a voice

Hear Our Voice event in Carlisle.

Hear Our Voice is a national campaign by MENCAP, aimed at giving people with disabilities a voice in the run up to the General Election.

The aim is to make sure that learning disabilities are firmly on the agenda of all political parties.

There are 1.4 million people across the UK who have a learning disability and they want their issues to be heard by local and national politicians.

Today was the launch of a film they've produced, which you can watch here.

The campaign aims to give people with learning disabilities a voice.


Carlisle MENCAP film encourages disabled people to vote

The aim is to encourage disabled people to vote. Credit: Carlisle MENCAP

A film made in Cumbria to encourage disabled people to vote will be distributed across the UK.

500 copies will be sent to disabled people and groups ahead of May's general election.

That's because the quality of the film, and message behind it, have been approved by the Cabinet Office, which has agreed to fund it.

The film called "Voting - hear my voice" was made at Carlisle's MENCAP centre.

'Safe Place' scheme launches in Cumbria

A new scheme to create safe places within shops for vulnerable people in the community has been launched in Cumbria.

People with learning difficulties, or who have mental health issues, will be urged to carry a card which will help them get assistance if they become confused or experience other difficulties while out shopping.

Cumbria's Safe Place Scheme

Cumbria Police has launched a Safe Place Scheme for vulnerable people who may need somewhere to go when they are out and out in county.

People who use the scheme carry a Safe Place identity card. They can show this to the staff of participating shops and businesses. The card will carry that person's name and the contact number of someone they trust.

“We are really pleased to be involved in this new project with Cumbria Police. Working with vulnerable people every day – we know how confusing and scary the world can be for them when things go wrong.

"It really important for them to be able to find a place to go for help where they know the people will be caring and help them.

"Very often vulnerable and elderly people will come into our shop when they are confused or feel unwell because they know our staff will help them – its great we can now do this on a formal basis with back up from the police.’

– Shelia Gregory from Carlisle MENCAP

Carlisle MENCAP runners-up in national awards

Carlisle MENCAP DVD Credit: ITV News Border

A local charity has been recognised at a national award ceremony, for producing DVDs to help young people with learning disabilities stay safe.

Carlisle Mencap were runners up at the National Crimebeat awards in London.

The 'Keeping Safe DVD' was one of the safety DVD's launched by the High Sheriff Juliet Westoll.

The DVD was made by men and women with learning disabilities and covered a range of issues including bullying, staying safe at home and when on public transport.

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