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No further action in saline tampering investigation

Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary Credit: ITV Border

Police say an investigation into alleged saline bag tampering at Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary has concluded.

A woman, from Wigton, who was arrested in connection with the investigation, will face no further action.

The decision was made by the Crown Prosecution Service following a police investigation.

Police said North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust worked closely with officers throughout the investigation, which started in January 2017.


Carlisle MP calls for alternative Brexit option

With Parliament just a few days away from voting on Teresa May's Brexit deal, Carlisle's MP John Stevenson says he hasn't decided how to vote.

The Conservative MP voted to remain and has had a record of being a rebel and while he says he hasn't made up his mind on how he'll vote, he says he doesn't like any of the three options: reversing Brexit, a second referendum or Teresa May's plan.

"I do not think it's in the interests of Carlisle or our country for a no deal, I also do not think it would be right to have a 2nd referendum because we had one in 2016. What I've got to decide is, is Theresa May's proposals the right ones or is there a 4th alternative? And I've long been a supporter of the Norwegian option."

– John Stevenson MP, Carlisle (Conservative)
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