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Lamont: Budget will 'reward hard working families'

John Lamont MSP. Credit: ITV Border

Conservative MSP John Lamont has welcomed the first Tory-only Budget for nearly 20 years.

He says it'll "reward hard working families in the Borders", and stabilise the UK economy:

I was delighted to hear the measures announced by the Chancellor in his budget. By taking those on the lowest pay out of income tax altogether and introducing a new National Living Wage of £9, the UK Government is rewarding work and allowing those on the lowest incomes to keep more of what they earn.

At a time when household budgets are stretched I know that this will come as real help to many households in the Borders.

The Chancellor has had to take some tough decisions over welfare spending, but these measures will ensure that the UK will finally be doing the responsible thing and raising more money than it spends by 2019.

I’m also pleased with new measures such as the further freeze on fuel duty and the planned reduction in corporation tax, which will both be good for jobs in the Borders."

– John Lamont MSP

And the MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire has also taken the opportunity to attack the SNP-dominated Scottish government:

Like their plans for Full Fiscal Autonomy, the Scottish Government’s attacks on this budget are just not credible.

The Chancellor is taking the tough decisions needed to bring the deficit down and secure the economic future of the UK.

Soon, the SNP is going to have to demonstrate how it will use new fiscal powers and show that it too can make the difficult choices needed to manage tax and spending.”

– John Lamont MSP

Mundell: priority 'ensuring Scotland gets promised new powers'

New Scottish Secretary David Mundell says his priority is ensuring the recommendations of the Smith Commission are implemented.

The MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, who is Scotland's only Conservative MP, says it's important Scotland's voice is heard in Westminster, and vice versa:


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