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Sellafield 'should back down' over deer cull

Campaigners have held another protest outside Sellafield nuclear site about plans to cull dear which are trapped between two security fences.

Sellafield says it has received independent advice from leading experts stating the most humane option is to kill the animals.

But protesters say wildlife charities have offered to try and get the deer out alive.

"Sellafield should back down, do the popular thing, the correct thing, the humane thing."

– Geraldine McNamara, campaigner

Sellafield in row over deer culling plans

A row has broken out over plans to cull a herd of deer at the Sellafield nuclear site.

The deer have become trapped in woodland between the perimeter fence and a new security fence that has recently been installed.

The site at Sellafield Credit: ITV News

Sellafield says it has been advised by national experts at the Deer Initiative Partnership that killing the animals is the most humane option.

However, some local people and environmental campaigners want them to be saved.


Muntjac deer spotted in Dumfries

A Muntjac deer Credit: Norma Chapman

Two Muntjac deer have been reported in Dumfries and Galloway.

The deer are not native to the area and are thought to cause severe damage to vegetation. Scottish Natural Heritage Wildlife Operations Unit are investigating the incident.

The deer originate in China and, if they establish themselves in Scotland the SNH estimate it would cost up to £2m due to damaged crops and vegetation.

Stan Whitaker, from SNH, said: "Muntjac deer are among the most destructive animal pests in Britain."

Two Muntjac deer Credit: Norma Chapman