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Penrith mother raising awareness of Type 1 diabetes

Lewis Gosney Credit: ITV Border

A mother from Penrith is looking to raise awareness of Type One diabetes after her two-year-old son was diagnosed in January.

Denise Gosney's son Lewis is now fully dependent on an insulin pump, and requires constant supervision and care.

Lewis was drinking an unusually large volume of liquid every day, and tests confirmed he had the condition.

"Lewis will be dependent on insulin forever. I'm doing this interview is to raise awareness but more importantly to raise funds to find a cure and i do believe by the time Lewis is an adult we'll have found a cure for this."

– Denise Gosney, Lewis' mother


Grandfather attempts three marathons in 24 hours for charity

Credit: ITV Border

A man from Dumfries with diabetes is attempting to complete the equivalent of three marathons in just one day to raise money for charity.

Derek Banks - who's been a type one diabetic for 55 years - will row, cycle and run 26 miles each time at his local gym.

He was inspired to fund raise for Diabetes UK after someone suggested he walked up Ben Nevis.

But the grandfather of 7 decided that would be too easy.


Diabetes awareness campaign begins

Blood being taken for diabetes check Credit: PA

A £2 million campaign to raise awareness of type two diabetes gets underway this afternoon.

Less than a third of people in the UK realise the condition can lead to amputations, heart attacks, blindness and stroke, according to a new survey.

Unlike type one diabetes, eighty per cent of type two diabetes can be prevented by making lifestyle changes.

Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, Barbara Young, said:

“By doing relatively simple things like losing some weight, eating more fruits and vegetable and becoming more active, we can all significantly reduce our risk.”

More than 10,000 people in Cumbria are currently living with undiagnosed diabetes.

Diabetes awareness campaign Carlisle

A diabetic prepares a syringe Credit: PA

Diabetes UK will be in Carlisle giving advice on diabetes. They'll be carrying out risk assessment tests to find out how likely people are of developing the disease.

They'll be promoting their campaign 'Walking away from diabetes' which is the first of its kind in the north of England. It aims to stop people at risk of diabetes developing the condition.

The lead GP for Cumbria will be on hand to answer questions.

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