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Motorists urged to take care as rain continues to fall

Police are warning motorists to adjust their speed due to deteriorating road conditions.

The warning comes after heavy rainfall across the county, and road conditions, particularly in West Cumbria, continue to deteriorate.

On the A591 between St John’s in the Vale and Thirlspot vehicles have broken down following attempts to drive through surface water flooding.

“There have been numerous reports of minor road disruption across the county today due to rainfall.

"Whilst it is only minor disruption at this time we ask that motorists take care, slow down and drive to the conditions.

“Motorists should allow extra time for a journey and not attempt to drive through flooded roads.

“We also ask that those who are walking, or those planning to do so, ensure that they have all the appropriate equipment and are prepared for the changing conditions.”

– Inspector Liz Salkeld, Cumbria Police

WATCH: Young drivers take the wheel

A scheme is underway in the Scottish Borders to teach young teenagers how to drive, long before they're old enough to take the test.

The idea is to build their road awareness skills, and ensure they're fully prepared to take the wheel.

ITV Border's Matthew Taylor has this report.


Watch: police pull over motorists

Police have launched a crackdown on motorists using their mobile phones while driving.

ITV Border joined them - this was just one of the drivers they pulled over:

Police target motorists using their mobiles in week long crackdown

Cumbria Police have been targeting motorists using mobile phones Credit: PA

A significant number of drivers have been caught using handheld mobile phones in a week long police operation across Cumbria.

Officers in marked and unmarked vehicles have been targeting motorists using their phones to call, text or access apps while at the wheel. Many will receive fines and points on their licenses.

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