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WATCH: Dumfries Learning Town project

A funding wrangle could put the brakes on multi-million pound plans to transform education services in Dumfries.

And the council is warning that any delay to the Learning Town project could have a "serious impact" on the community.

Matthew Taylor has this report.

WATCH: Dumfries High School 1960s

As part of the 'Dumfries Learning Town' initiative, Dumfries High School is set to be demolished and rebuilt. Footage of the school in the 1960s can be seen in the video below.

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Scottish Government: 'We fully expect to resolve these issues'

Students look at the provisional plans for the Dumfries Learning Town Credit: ITV Border

The Dumfries Learning Town project aims to create a "cohesive town-wide solution" to problems with educational facilities.

Eleven schools, including four secondary schools will be involved in the project.

The development will be done over two phases.

Phase 1 of the project Credit: ITV Border

Phase 1 In phase one of the development there will be a brand new school in North West Dumfries with Maxwelton High School being demolished.

Two local primary schools and Langland Special school will be closed and become part of the new North West Campus on Lochside Road.

St Joseph's college will undergo refurbishment.

There are also plans for a brand new education hub to be built which will offer all schools unlimited access.

Phase 2 of the Dumfries Learning Town project Credit: ITV Border

Phase 2
Dumfries High School will be demolished and rebuilt as part of Phase 2.

There will also be a full refurbishment of Dumfries academy.

Both schools will benefit from the addition of local primary schools.

Phase two is due to begin in 3 years time, with a hope of being completed by 2020.

Dumfries and Galloway Council have voiced their concerns over the funding of the project, but the Scottish Government insists all issues will be dealt with and delays kept to a minimum.

European rules that govern our wider Non Profit Distributing programme - part of our infrastructure building programme - have changed. As a result we are working through a number of complex issues. We fully expect to resolve these issues but there has been some impact on a small number of projects in the interim."

– Scottish Government spokesperson

Fear of delays to 'Learning Town' project due to funding

Fears have been raised that a scheme to transform education in Dumfries could be delayed.

Dumfriesshire MSP Elaine Murray is seeking assurances the Scottish Government remains committed to paying for improvements to school buildings in the town following concerns over its funding plans.

The Scottish Government says it is still fully behind the project.

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