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The story behind the Devil's Porridge

The Devil's Porridge Museum in Eastriggs has received almost £45,000 worth of funding from the Big Lottery Fund to work with young people over the next two years.

It was the explosive mixture made by workers at the World War One munitions factory near Gretna, and was dubbed the Devil's Porridge by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This is the story behind the name:

Bogus workmen attempt to con elderly woman

Police Scotland are appealing for information. Credit: ITV Border

Police are warning people in Dumfries and Galloway to be vigilant, after a "despicable" attempt by bogus workmen to con an elderly woman.

The lady had had work done over the weekend to the roof of her home in Eastriggs, and was then given what appears to have been an overinflated demand for payment for the work carried out.

Police were alerted after the woman attempted to withdraw a four figure sum of money from her bank account.

Staff at the building society became concerned and contacted the police.

Good work by the staff at the building society halted the withdrawal of the money from the account.

As a result an investigation has been started to trace those responsible for this despicable act.

Once again the public are reminded about the dangers of dealing with cold callers at the door.

Our message is clear, used tried and trusted traders for your home improvement or repairs and again we would ask those with elderly neighbours, friends or relatives to highlight these dangers to them.

There is no doubt that these type of unscrupulous characters do prey on the vulnerable in our community.

– Constable Paul Kempsell at Annan


Police appeal after man 'spat at' in Eastriggs

Police are appealing for witnesses. Credit: ITV Border

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was spat at during an altercation in the Annan area.

It happened at around 7:30pm on Tuesday 10 May at the junction of Vancouver Road and Annan Road in Eastriggs.

A 49-year-old man came across four men, one of whom approached him and subjected him to a tirade of abuse before spitting on him.

The victim was not injured but was shaken by the incident.

This appeared to be a totally unprovoked verbal assault on this man which also saw him being spat upon.

We have no description of the male who carried out this attack, nor the other three males he was with.

We want anyone who may have been in area of Vancouver Road and Annan Road on Tuesday night to get in touch if they can help us trace the man responsible for this attack.

– Constable Paula Armstrong at Annan


WATCH: Cat's leg amputated after being shot

Police are appealing for information after a cat was shot in what looks to be an unprovoked attack.

Six-year-old 'Baby' was shot with an air gun pellet close to his home in Eastriggs last Tuesday.

The injury was so bad the vet had to amputate his leg.

Matthew Taylor's report contains images after Baby's leg was amputated.

Police investigate shooting of cat

'Baby' the cat was shot in the leg Credit: Jackie Cordley

A cat has had its leg amputated after being shot in Eastriggs.

Police Scotland are investigating the incident of cruelty that happened on the evening of Tuesday 18 August.

The cat is 6 year old Baby.

His owner Jackie realised he was missing on the Tuesday evening but when returned home around midnight he was visibly injured.

Baby was taken to the vets where shrapnel and parts of a bullet were found in his front left leg. Due to the injuries he had sustained it was necessary that his leg was amputated.

Baby is now back in the comfort of his home, but is still in a shocked state.

Baby the cat had to have his leg amputated Credit: Jackie Cordley

Jackie Cordley, the owner of the cat is shocked that this has happened.

I can't believe people can do this. Words can't describe what I think about them. Baby loved going outside but now he's really distressed. I don't know how he'll cope.

I hope whoever did this comes forward or someone who knows them will.

They should be ashamed of themselves

– Jackie Cordley, Baby's owner

Cat shooting 'horrific case of cruelty'

Police Scotland. Credit: ITV Border

A cat has had its leg amputated after being shot in Eastriggs.

Police Scotland are investigating an incident of cruelty, after the incident on the evening of Tuesday 18 August.

The cat managed to return home to Auckland Walk in Eastriggs, and was later taken to the vet and the leg amputated.

This is a horrific case of cruelty to animals and the cat must have suffered terribly as it made its way home after being shot.

I am appealing to anyone in the Eastriggs area who can help in this investigation to contact me at Annan Police Office through the 101 number, or if they want to remain anonymous, through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

– Constable Julie Rankin of Police Scotland