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Snow storm cuts off power to properties in Cumbria

Hundreds of properties in Cumbria are without power after high winds and drifting snow have caused faults to power lines across the county.

Electricity North West say 3,000 properties are without power mainly in Cumbria and the Peak District.

Engineers have restored supplies to 12,000 properties, but there are still around 100 separate faults to be repaired.

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Wasdale Head without mains power for the foreseeable future

Residents of a remote Lake District village who have been without mains power since before Christmas have been told thier plight is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Electricity north West admit they've been unable to repair the problem at Wasdale head and will now consult with locals to try and find another solution but admit they don't know how long that could take. In a statement they said:

"Electricity North West engineers are re-examing a number of options to restore a permanent mains electricity supply to Wasdale Head. The company plans to replace a damaged cable buried deep under Wastwaster with a new underground cable as part of a £1 million scheme. However, despite promising results from initial trial holes in the area, the dense underground rock has proved impossible to penetrate. "

– Electricity North west

Electricity North West response manager, Jane Fleetwood, said the company would continue to work closely with the highways authority, environmental partners and residents as it reviews the options. She said:

“This was always going to be a challenging engineering project and we are disappointed that it has not been possible to complete the scheme as quickly as we had hoped. There are a number of other ways of routing the mains cable and we are currently working with the county council and everyone else involved to agree the best way forward to restore mains supply to the village as quickly as possible and with as little disruption as possible.”

– Jane Fleetwood, Response manager - NEW

"The cable running under Wastwater had served the area well for 35 years, but need to be replaced after a major fault developed. The new scheme aims to restore and secure main supplies to the village. An electricity supply is being maintained to the village via generators."

– Electricity North West