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Man sets off fireworks dangerously close to homes

Credit: PA

A man has been remanded in custody for setting off fireworks dangerously close to homes in Stranraer.

Police arrived at the scene to find a 29-year-old man, who appeared drunk, in possession of a number of fireworks.

He was arrested for a number of offences. A search later revealed a further 50 kilograms of fireworks in his home.

The man was held in custody and appeared in court today.

Ashfaq Ali pleaded guilty to the offences and was remanded in custody.


Verdict rules fireworks deaths were accidental

The jury in the fireworks inquest returned conclusions that the two deaths were accidental.

They ruled that the explosion rendered both victims unable to exit the store as fire consumed the outbuilding and resulted in a fatal level of carbon monoxide.

Andrew Coates, 41, and Polly Connor, 46, died following the explosion while preparing fireworks for a wedding at Ecclerigg near Windermere in August 2014.

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Fireworks inquest witness heard ten bangs 'and then all hell broke loose'

Witness, John Simpson, owns the property and grounds where two bodies were found near firework storage at his home wedding reception.

John Simpson said he'd asked his partner of small hobby business, Stardust Fireworks, to prepare a low noise display for the end of his wedding.

Shortly after walking past the fireworks store with his photographer, around 10 fireworks 'pinged' off followed by a loud bang and then he said "all hell broke loose".

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The inquest continues.


Dumfries fireworks display cancelled due to weather

Fireworks. Credit: PA

A fireworks display due to take place at Whitesands in Dumfries has been cancelled, because of the weather forecast.

The display was due to take place on 8 November at 6pm, and was organised by Dumfries Devorgilla Rotary Club.

Money was to be raised for Cash for Kids and other local charities.

The event was cancelled because there is expected to be heavy rain and high winds, which could pose a safety risk.

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