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Flood-defence bridge being installed in Selkirk

Work to improve Selkirk's flood defences in 2014. Credit: ITV Border

The latest milestone in the plans to protect Selkirk from flooding is being lifted into place this morning.

A new 90-metre long footbridge will replace a previous one over the Ettrick Water.

It's been designed to stay open during major floods.

Once all the plans are completed, almost 600 properties will be protected from flooding.

New flood defences for Egremont

A £3.7 million flood defence scheme will be built in Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck in Egremont, it has been announced.

It will reduce the risk of flooding for almost 300 homes in the Orgill, Church View and Castle Croft areas of the town.

Three large flood storage areas will be built; underground watercourses will be replaced, and will have improved inlets; and the current trash screens, which stop blockages from debris in the watercourse, will be replaced.

Funding will come from central government, with contributions from Copeland Community Fund, Home Group and Copeland Borough Council.

Cumbria County Council will also be supporting the scheme.

Design work is currently being carried out, and when the required approvals and funding are in place, minor works will start during the summer of 2015.

The main £3.7 million scheme will commence in the winter of 2015-16.

New flood defences for Cockermouth unveiled

New flood defences for Cockermouth are being unveiled by the Environment Agency today.

The 120-metre wide innovative self-closing barriers have been installed to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 400 homes and businesses in the town.

"We are delighted that Cockermouth's flood defences are now complete, reducing the risk of flooding to 361 local homes and 55 businesses. It also marks the first time a self-closing flood barrier has been used to protect a community in the UK.

"This project has been driven by the community and we would like to encourage residents and businesses to come along and share this special occasion with us."

– Adam Walsh, Flood Team Leader, Environment Agency


'Community contribution was vital'

Homes have been fitted with flood gates and flood walls to stop the water getting into properties Credit: ITV News Border

Sue Cashmore from the Cockermouth Flood Action group said:

"We would not have got the flood defences without this money.

"It may seem like a small amount in relation to the total but it was vital.

"We will all benefit from these defences and we are hoping it will mean insurance premiums will come down. At the moment at lot of people are being priced out of the market."

Independent shops cough up the cash for flood scheme

Most of the money was raised by a council precept paid by those living around the town and a large portion came from local businesses.

"About 90% of the money which came from businesses came from the independent shops. It was very surprising that not many of the high street national shops donated.

"They claim to be local but in this case they really disappointed us.

"I am very proud of what Cockermouth has achieved and I think we can feel more confident now in bad weather.

"These flood defences are needed and will protect from most flooding - it won't protect us from a flood like 2009 but nothing can."

– Jonty Chippendale, Chairman, Chamber of Trade

Cockermouth community raise £215k for flood defences

Flood defences in Cockermouth have been built where the River Cocker and River Derwent meet Credit: ITV News Border

Community members and businesses in Cockermouth have raised the funds needed to secure the £4.4million flood defence scheme which will protect the town from future flooding.

Residents and businesses owners had to agree to raise £215,000 of the total sum the government released its funding, and that money has now been collected.

Work began on the flood defences last year and will be complete by June.

They include flood walls, barriers and a state of the art system at Ruby Banks where the barrier rises as the river swells - the first of its kind in the country.

Hawick flood plans

Library pictures of Hawick in flood Credit: ITV Border

A meeting in Hawick have been explaining the progress of the town's flood defences.

Hawick suffered serious flooding in 2005 when the River Teviot overflowed prompting Scottish Borders Council to find a solution to the problem.

Flood-risk consultants who have been studying ways of stopping flooding in Hawick say major work won't start for at least three years.

Options will be considered over the next few months on where the flood defences will be.

A scheme could cost between £15 million and £90 million pounds.

The Scottish Government has promised to pay for 80% of it.

People in Hawick are being invited to see the flood scheme for themselves at a display at The Heart Of Hawick building.

A car drives through a flood in Hawick Credit: ITV Border