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WATCH: Students targeted by campaign urging them to register to vote in General Election

With less than three weeks to go, time is running out for people who haven't registered to vote in the General Election yet - the deadline is on Monday. There are concerns that students in particular may have dropped off the electoral register without realising it. Our Political Correspondent Paul Brand reports.


Lee Sherriff responds to 'funny' billboard mix-up

Labour's parliamentary candidate for Carlisle, Lee Sherriff Credit: ITV Border

Labour's Lee Sherriff has responded to a general election billboard blunder in Carlisle.

A poster for Cat Smith, the party's candidate 60 miles away in Lancaster, went up on Warwick Road, one of the main routes in and out of the city, yesterday.

It was taken down this morning.

Ms Sherriff, Labour's general election candidate for Carlisle, told ITV Border she doesn't think people in the city will have been confused by the error, which she said was due to a mix-up by the distribution company.

It was quite funny in a way. I was busy door knocking yesterday when I found out about the poster so I went to double check it. I have to say I laughed when I first saw it and sent Cat Smith a text saying the poster looks good, but it'd look much better in Lancaster!

"People have been asking if there's a poster of me in Lancaster or anywhere else in the country, but I can assure them, there isn't."

– Lee Sherriff, Labour Candidate for Carlisle
The billboard was for the wrong candidate Credit: Viewer photo

Election billboard blunder

The billboard poster was in Carlisle but was for the Labour parliamentary candidate for Lancaster Credit: Viewer photo

A billboard promoting a Labour general election candidate standing in a seat 60 miles from Carlisle was put up in the city.

The poster, for the party's Lancaster candidate Cat Smith, went up on Warwick Road - one of the main routes in and out of Carlisle - yesterday afternoon.

It was taken down this morning.

A Carlisle Labour Party spokesperson said:

"This mistake had nothing to do with Lee Sherriff or the local party. We understand it was to do with the distribution company."

– Spokesperson, Carlisle Labour Party
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