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Glenridding chosen for new flood defence scheme

Glenridding in December. Credit: PA

Glenridding has been chosen by the Environment Agency for a new flood defence pilot scheme.

The village, which was flooded four times last winter, was selected along with three other villages in Cumbria.

The Community Action Pilot scheme focuses on making communities more resilient to floods and improving flood measures for the future.

Sharing and informing is a critical part of the scheme because all of us in Cumbria are going to need to manage flood risk for a continual basis into the future.

– Jim Ratcliffe, Environment Agency


Glenridding appeals for flowers to help flood recovery

They're hoping to bring some colour back to Glenridding. Credit: PA

After a winter of relentless storms, flooding and landslips the people of Glenridding are trying to bring a bit of colour back to the village before the Easter Holidays start.

After begging local suppliers to give flowers and planters for free and appeals on Freegle and social media they are planting this weekend (19th and 20th March) in Glenridding.

They are also asking if anyone has any colourful flowers or planters to donate to get in touch and bring them to Glenridding.

"We are trying to source as many colourful flowers and the planters to put them in as we can before the weekend of the 19th and 20th of March when we are arranging a planting weekend. We would like to have all the flowers and planters at Glenridding in time for that weekend, then we will get them planted and put in position all round the village. We will be doing the planting by ourselves but we are also asking for volunteers to come and help Glenridding Spring Back for Easter!"

– Glenridding resident Madeline Teasdale, who is organising the flowery activities

They say the response so far has been heartening with a number of local and national businesses lending a hand including B&Q, Relph's Agricultural Merchants (Yanwath), Hayes Garden Centre (Ambleside) and Larch Cottage (Melkinthorpe).

"After all the sad news coming out of Glenridding over the winter it is nice to have something positive to talk about. If you have any spare flowers or planters that we could use it would make a massive difference to the look of our lovely village. It will also be a real boost to the residents of Glenridding who have worked so hard through the winter to get the village tidied up in time for the coming tourist season".

– Andrew Laverick, Catstycam the Outdoor Sho


Charity collection box lost in floods reappears in Glenridding

A collection box for Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team that was lost when floods hit Glenridding in December has been found among all the wreckage. It containined more than 100 pounds,

The box came from one of the worst affected buildings, the Tourist Information Centre. Despite rocks and debris tearing through it, the small box survived. Watch Fiona Marley Paterson's report here:

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