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Scotland warned against independence from UK

The UK Government will today reveal the advice it has been given on what would happen if Scotland became independent from the rest of the UK.

According to Professors James Crawford and Alan Boyle, who set out their opinions in the paper, Scotland would be treated as a new country, having to renegotiate its relationship with world bodies.

Two men wave a Union and Saltire flags in Edinburgh, Scotland Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

The Scottish Government issued a paper last week, which assuming a Yes vote occurred in autumn 2014, could see negotiations between Scottish ministers and the UK Government, EU and international organisations concluded by March 2016.

Today's publication does not include specific advice from the European Commission on the implications of Scottish independence in the EU.

Scottish independence referendum

The Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, has said he expects to meet with the First Minister in the next few weeks to reach an agreement over the terms of the Scottish Independence referendum by late October.

In a speech in Edinburgh he said the timing of the referendum should be no barrier to agreement. He said the Scottish Government has agreed that the Electoral Commission should oversee the referendum. He added there is cross party consensus around the preference for a single and decisive question.

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