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On tonight's programme - electioneering at First Minister's Questions. The Tories claim Nicola Sturgeon would roll out the red carpet for Jeremy Corbyn to get into Downing Street after suggestions Labour would grant permission for a second independence referendum as the price for SNP support in the event of a hung parliament. But Nicola Sturgeon described Mr Corbyn and Boris Johnson as completely and utterly useless, arguing neither had Scotland's interests at heart. Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie join Peter MacMahon to look forward to the general election campaign. Also on the programme, Ministers are accused of stealing money from farmers pockets as the government details its plans to allocate long delayed EU funding.

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As the First Minister claims the coming general election will be the most important in decades Scotland's party leaders hit the road at the start of the six week campaign. Also on the programme - the highlights of the last Prime Ministers Questions before the election. We look too at the social media battleground and consider how Labour's already stolen a march on its rivals on line. Plus the Enterprise cash for a Roman History Museum in Melrose set to boost tourism in the Borders.

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On tonight's programme - will it be a Christmas cracker of an election north of the border? We report on the day's developments in Westminster and Peter MacMahon speaks to the polling guru Professor Sir John Curtice to assess the prospects for the December poll. We'll also hear from Rachel Watson of the Daily Mail and Jenni Davidson from Holyrood Magazine. Also on the programme - Ruth Davidson admits she can't ride two horses at once. The former Tory leader bows to pressure and says show won't now take up a fifty thousand pound a year part time lobbying job.

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