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Tonight's programme has highlights of First Minister's Questions. Nicola Sturgeon says she'll announce a way forward on a second independence referendum when she sees what clarity emerges on Brexit in the next few days. Also tonight, after cancellations, delays and chronic overcrowding on the Borders Railway Scotrail is warned it's the last chance saloon. Plus Joyce McMillan and Alex Massie on Brexit and Indyref2.

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The Prime Minister sticks to script and insists she can still get her Brexit deal through Parliament. The SNP say Theresa May's a failure and must now allow another EU referendum. Also tonight - MSPs have their say on Labour's plan to make bus travel free for under twenty fives. We get reaction in Galashiels. And is it time for more radical reform? Scotland's Land Commission calls for new measures to stop big landowners abusing their power to stifle rural community development.


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With Brexit deadlock and delay what's the view on the streets of the South of Scotland? Dumfriesshire's Conservative MSP says most of his constituents are fed up with the uncertainty and just want a deal to be done. We're on the doorstep to find out if he's right, and we'll debate what should happen now with Oliver Mundell and the SNP's Joan McAlpine. Also on the programme - after a deal to create jobs in Annan there are claims some politicians are playing petty politics over the future of the former Pinney's plant.

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On tonight's programme after MPs back a Brexit delay there are recriminations over the defeat for a second EU referendum. Peter MacMahon speaks to Scotland's Brexit Secretary Michael Russell who warns there's now no majority for anything in the Commons and that's bad news for the country and Europe. Also tonight - the calls to kick David Steel out of the House of Lords after he admits his former Liberal Colleague Cyril Smith told him he'd been investigated over sex abuse allegations.

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On tonight's programme - a green light for the Borderlands Growth deal. The UK and Scottish Government's pledge a £345 million investment programme to grow the region's economy. We'll ask what difference the cash could make to the South of Scotland, and if the two governments are really ready to work together. We speak to Scottish Secretary David Mundell and the Scottish Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson.

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Tonight's Representing Border comes from Westminster. After the Commons overwhelmingly rejects the Prime Minister's Brexit deal Peter MacMahon speaks to the Scottish Secretary David Mundell and the SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford. And a cash warning from NHS Borders as the health board tells MSPs they will soon need millions more in emergency funding.


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Tonight's Representing Border comes from Dundee with highlights of the Scottish Labour Party conference. Peter MacMahon questions the Shadow chancellor John McDonnell on Labour's Brexit Policy. He also speaks to the leader of the Scottish Labour Richard Leonard about his plans to introduce free bus travel for under 25 year olds.

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Alan Jenkins presents all the day's news from Holyrood. At First Minister's Questions Nicola Sturgeon distances herself from her deputy's suggestion another independence referendum could be held without Westminster's permission. Also on the programme, Alan speaks to the Presiding Officer about the progress of his parliamentary reform plan. And we hear from the pupils who've told MSPs first aid should be taught in primary schools

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Scottish Labour is accused of giving a free pass to Islamophobia over the case of a Dumfries and Galloway councillor who made racist comments about a Scottish Government minister. Humza Yousaf tells Representing Border he's been hurt that after a year Labour still hasn't completed an inquiry into Councillor Dempster. Also on the programme, the SNP say it's a disgrace an 87 year old grandmother who's lived In Scotland for almost sixty years is being forced to register to stay because of Brexit. And is twenty plenty? We ask if cutting speeds on residential streets is right for the South of Scotland?

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The Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly of Wales vote against Theresa May's Brexit deal - we have the highlights of the simultaneous debates. Also on the programme - SNP splits on plans for the future currency of an independent Scotland. Peter MacMahon speaks to the SNP Deputy Leader Keith Brown. And how to wipe out the stain of sectarianism? Fines, bans and partial stadium closures could be imposed by the Scottish Government if football clubs fail to tackle the problem

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